6 Steps To Getting Cashback – How To Save With Shopback

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Lately, the costs of living has increased tremendously that most people would have either stopped shopping or cut down on unnecessary things like beauty products. I for sure cut back on shopping especially beauty products from America due to the high and violatile exchange rate. So, when I discovered Shopback, I was thrilled and had to share this with you.

If you have not heard of Shopback; it is an online shopping cashback site. It simply means you get money back when shopping online through their platform. And with that, we can get more savings. On top of the savings, there are also promotional deals and offer available.

And if you’re thinking if this is a scam, it is NOT. I have personally used myself a few times. Basically, Shopback works with merchants as an affiliate. So with anyone that they refer through their website, they get a commission! And the best thing is, they share the commission with us. Hence, the cashback.  It’s free to sign up and available in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and India. There is a global site if you’re not within these countries.

Other than saving on beauty products, you can save on travel, food, fashion, hotels and many more. And because I am working mother and have no time to venture out and do actual shopping, I shop online; saving time and money. Check out the online sites below that you can purchase from. These are just a few. My favourite stores are Lazada, Zalora, AirAsiaGo and Expedia. Any shop you fancy?

ShopBack Review Malaysia

6 Steps To Getting Cash Back

Step 1: Sign Up/ Log Into Shopback

Step 2: Click on the store you would like to shop at. You will then get redirected to the store’s website.

Step 3: Shop and make your purchase as usual.

Step 4: Get cashback in your account within the next 48 hours. Check under the “Pending” tab of your account.

Step 5: Once your order has been validated by the merchant, your cashback will be “Redeeemable”. The process will usually take 30 to 60 days to ensure that there is no exchange, refunds or cancellation made.

Step 6: When you have a “Redeemable” payout of RM10, you can “Request Payout”. The cash will be debited to your bank account that you have specified. So remember to fill in your bank account details properly.

ShopBack Review Malaysia

This Is The Real Deal; Just cashed out for you to see!

Oh, and did I mention they have excellent customer service? Pretty darn impressed. I’ve never had any luck with good customer service whether offline or online. It’s great to see a Company being able to do that. So refreshing! I’ll keep that horrible experience to share with you on another day. It’s going to be a long one so stay tune.

You see, there are times when your cashback goes missing? I’ve experienced that once. I did click to shop through their platform so I am unsure of what happened to the missing cashback. And so I contacted them via their contact form and was assisted within 24 hours. Everything was sorted out within a few days.


#1: Always ensure you click through on Shopback’s platform at all times. If you don’t, Shopback doesn’t get their commission from the merchant and neither do we.

#2: Read and follow the merchants’ store terms and condition when purchasing through Shopback (I read every single word before any purchase)

#3 – It takes up to 48 hours to see any cashback in your account. So, don’t get all alarmed and panicky.

#4: You only get cashback for actual completed purchases. If any cancelation, returns or exchange is done, you will get nothing.

#5: If you have any cashback requests from more than 3 months ago, it will not be entertained or processed. Their system only keeps records of purchases 3 months from the date of purchase. Always keep track of your account’s activity.

If you’re already a serial online shopper, sign up now to enjoy unlimited savings. It’s still not too late. Happy shopping friends!


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