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Hellooooo muh lovelies! The long-awaited post that was supposed to be up in December? Well it was a crazy month for me and ya-da ya-da ya-da…Anyway, I’ve been trying out this product as I’ve figured it’s time to start on some anti-aging products to maintain the youthfulness of my skin. Plus my job is pretty much a stressful one, I’m sure those wrinkles are dying to pop out! You know  how there’s a saying; prevention is better than cure? So, instead of waiting for those fine lines and wrinkles to appear visibly, it’s better to prevent them way before they appear. So now, it’s the beginning of a journey in the quest of finding anti-aging products that gives results.

Product & Packaging


Hmmm, packaging; not so me, not that it’s bad or anything. I just happen to like all things fun, bold, quirky, colorful and pink, that’s all. The packaging depicts more maturity and class; looks like your regular anti-aging product that way. Imagine it pink with some funky graphic on it and it states it’s an anti-aging product, would you believe in it? Don’t think so!

I like the pump. One push of the pump is enough for half of the face. The pump functions well and does not get choked up when pumping.


Excuse the dry fingers you see


It contains great ingredients; LifeSirt™, Micro X-6 Peptide and a nutrient rich extract from a fruit of the African Baobab tree.


That’s 2 pumps for the whole face; twice a day, morning and night

The scent smells like your average serum product. Nothing funky, not too overpowering or musky. Easily absorbs into my skin as y’all know, I have really dehydrated skin.

Applied it for four weeks on one side of my face, didn’t noticed much of a difference except for an area under my eyes where the fine lines have been reduced. I think with a the scientific test, it will show more results. I’ve tried capturing photos for comparison wise but it’s very difficult to capture the fine lines accurately to show the difference. I did not experience any breakout from this product. Best to test patch any skin care product before using.


I’d find it rather expensive altho’ most anti-aging serums are of that price range (maybe that’s why I never end up buying serums); retailing at RM258.00 [*USD$80.62] for a 30ml/ 1.0 fl. oz. product.

Place of Purchase


Other products in the Artistry range; together they are designed to reprogram, repair and protect

Sold exclusively through Amway Distributors nationwide and 50 countries worldwide. Alternatively, if you need further info and where to purchase, you may obtain from their official website.

Since I’ve only been applying to one side of my face (for comparison purposes), I’m going to continue with the other side of the face to ensure everything is evened out.  If I do see anything worth sharing, I’ll prolly tweet about it. Till then, Toodles!

(*)  Indicates a conversion rate from RM to USD

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