Bali Nine Execution

Bali Nine Funeral

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The Bali Nine Execution – By now, you would have heard all about the Bali Nine Execution that was carried out on the 29th April 2015. The execution involved 2 Australians; Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran and 6 others who were on death row for drug related offences. First off, my prayers and thoughts are with the families of all 8 prisoners who were executed on that day. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to go through this ordeal and how life has changed that very day.

You see, I’m not that sort who expresses my thoughts or opinions publicly on news as such. What more on a blog dedicated to beauty and makeup. But…it just irks me how that there are some who openly expressed that “They deserved it”. I’m of a different opinion here.


Bali Nine Funeral

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They were drug smugglers who got caught, repented and rehabilitated their life while in prison. I think it’s worth looking into their numerous appeals for clemency. Here’s a quick summary:


Andrew Chan

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  • He found religion and became a Pastor
  • Helped fellow prisoners
  • Ran Bible study classes
  • Held cooking classes
  • Featured in a documentary to educate secondary school students about the dangers of taking drugs
  • Wrote a book whilst in prison, when published all proceeds will go to an orphanage found by him and his wife; Phoebe Febyanti Herewila-Chan


Myuran Sukumaran

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  • Founded art as his hobby; it was some great art I must say
  • Lobbied for better facilities in jail; an art room and supplies
  • Ran art classes
  • Help fellow prisoners who struggled with drug abuse

Like most prisoners would, they could have just waited for what was coming onto them but NO, they made the most of it in prison. I applaud that. I understand that it is the death penalty for any drug trafficking offences in Indonesia . It is their law. But hey, there were another 7 of the Bali Nine of whom are doing 20 years to life in prison. They were not given the death penalty.

I can see why the Prime Minister was so adamant with his decision. Indonesia has a drug problem and they need to solve the problem. But, showing the world by going ahead with the execution (despite all the appeals for clemency) just to show that no mercy will be shown for drug traffickers and to curb the increasing problem. IMO, this is not going to solve the problem. Drug traffickers are still going to find ways to do it. They can get as creative and ruthless as they can be. 

There should be alternatives to death penalties. Life imprisonment perhaps? 

And the worse part was…..All dignity of the people sentenced on that day were stripped off. Tying them to a cross and shooting them was just the worse way of ever doing it. 

After reading so many articles, I really couldn’t go on reading more articles online. It was just too heartbreaking…I empathise with their family. A mother to a mother.

And then….I saw posts and comments on Facebook  stating; “Go to jail only change ar?”, “They deserved it”. What nonsense! They were young, easily influenced and attracted to what was shown to them. AN AWESOME LIFESTYLE MONEY, CAR & GIRLS. Anyone would have fallen for that. Who wouldn’t? Have you not made a mistake before? Sometimes, we make immature decisions. We all did and we were given second chances. Doesn’t matter whether small or big matter. So, stop judging, be empathetic and carry on with your lives.

Here is one celebrity who share the same thoughts with me:

GUY SEBASTIAN – “We all make mistakes, the answer is never to kill someone”. He even uploaded a video.

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Bali Nine Funeral

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They were not just drug smugglers. They were someone’s son, brother and husband who regretted their actions and rehabilitated. Having said that, I do not condone drug trafficking. I just believe in giving second chances to people who have repented. Andrew Chan; a Pastor, Myuran Sukumaran; an artist.




Pastor Andrew Chan’s funeral was held today, Friday at the Hillsong Church in Baulkham Hills. Thousands turned up for his funeral service.

Myuran’s funeral will be held at the DaySpring Church in Castle Hill on Saturday 9th April 2015, at 11am.. Members of the public are invited to attend.

– They lost the battle but fought the good fight –

In memory of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran

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