Bangkok: Cosmetics & Clothing Haul

I’m back with a big bounce for the year 2012! Have you been wondering where i went for my holiday?….BANGKOK, THAILAND!!!!Definitely had a well rested and therapeutic break in terms of cosmetics?! ! It has indeed been a great, relaxing and enjoyable holiday for me! it was simply great due to the fact that it was a trip with family! Also, there were loads of cosmetics to look at and the fashion there was inevitably insane! Thai food is awesome!  Inspired to add in “OUTFIT OF THE DAY (OOFD)” post! Will definitely announce it the moment the post becomes a permanent topic in my blog. What’s a holiday without any cosmetic indulgence right!? Below are the drugstore and high-end products that i bought…. There will be a review and swatches on each and every product, so do stay tune!



What i bought:

  1. Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer SPF 15 – “Light”:  THB 310.00 (RM31/ approx. USD$10)
  2. Maybelline Volum’Express Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara: THB650.00 (RM65/ approx. USD$21)
  3. YSL Radiant Touch – “2”  THB1,250.00: (RM125/ approx USD$40.30)
  4. MAC 239 Brush THB 1,105.00: (RM110.50/ approx. USD$35.65)
  5. MAC Eyeshadow – “Brulee” THB570.00: (RM57/ approx. USD$18.40)
  6. Maybelline Colorsensational – “Born With It”: THB 239.00 (RM23.90/ approx. USD$7.70)
  7. Maybelline Eye Studio Line  – “Black”: THB149.00 (RM14.90/ approx. USD$4.80)
  8. Maybelline Babylips  SPF 20 Lip Balm – “Soothing Cherry”: THB890.00 (RM8.90/ approx. USD$2.90)**Maybelline Babylips is actually cheaper in Bangkok, Thailand as compared to here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia retailing at RM10.90 in local drugstores
  9. Revlon Lip Butter – “Strawberry Shortcake”: THB249.00 (RM24.90/ approx. USD$8)
  10. Soap & Glory – “Maake Yourself Youthful” Rejuvenating Face Serum: THB480.00 (RM48/ approx USD$15.50)
  11. Soap & Glory Endless Glove Dry Hand Cream: THB270.00 (RM27/ approx. USD$8.70)
  12. BOOTS Acne Back Spray – I threw away he receipt and can’t remember how much it costs. (Also, not that my back has a lot of acne, it just has some bumps that i thought this product might help me get my sexyback back!
  13. LOLA Marc Jacobs Solid Parfume with ring:RM149 (I actually bought this in the plane BKK-KUL, my hubby said; “Even on the plane, you have to buy cosmetics?” LOL)

Look at the amount of clothes i bought!

I’ve been a really dull person when it comes to fashion coz’ i usually buy the basic colors like white, black and brown? How boring right?!!? So this year, i have a very good feeling its the year for me to be successful in every aspect; love, business, happiness,  health and perhaps a lil bub soon? So, this time i decided to go all bright and funky! Clothes were so affordable in Bangkok! Ranges from THB80 to THB 300 depending on the design, material, store and amount that you buy. Obviously the more you buy the cheaper each costs! There were great accessories too.


Rings from Forever 21. They were on sale!
LOLA Marc Jacobs solid perfume ring

Hair Accessory - Super sweet right?
Great accessory for the night

Snapped pictures for you of the cosmetics department in one of the shopping malls. They have local and imported brands too! Was trying to get something “made in thailand” but didn’t know what to get because everything was in their language!

Nail Lacquers
BB Creams
Are you kidding me!?! It's HELLO KITTY blotting paper!
False Eyelashes Aisle
This was taken at the wholesales mall. Don't think i fancy anything from this stall. So, didn't buy anything but took a shot for you!
Wholesales Mall Stall #1
Wholesales Mall Stall #2

Did you recently go on a trip and came back with a huge haul.? Do share!

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    1. Hello,
      I don’t live in Bangkok and I usually buy the cosmetics randomly at drugstores eg Boots, the supermarkets where there is a beauty section and shopping malls. Hope this helps.


    1. Hello,
      I bought those cosmetics at various places in BKK, Thailand. Mostly drugstore and dutyfree at the airport. P/S: I’m not from BKK, just happened to travel to BKK quite often. Try Boots, supermarkets and the airport. Hope this helps.


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