BEAUTY TIP: Brazilian/Bikini Waxing – A monthly ritual for males & females

Brazilian Wax anyone?

Lately, everyone has been talking about a Brazilian wax; including the males. Yes, I’m serious! No kidding..So what is a Brazilian wax? It is the removal of hair around the private area including the crack leaving a strip of hair which is commonly known as the landing strip (rectangular shape) or a triangle. It is much preferred by females who do not want to look like a pre mature teen or maybe even a baby. An authentic Brazilian waxing is with a rectangle shape. Waxing is just a temporary hair removal method that is required to be done every 4 weeks.

Another term most commonly used is Hollywood wax. This means total removal of hair around the private area including the crack. These two terms are usually used wrongly. Most people think that brazilian waxing means total hair removal. Prices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia typically ranges from RM80++ to RM180++ depending on the salon that you go to. Becareful and beware of the hygiene measures taken by the salon itself. It is crucial that you notice such measures are taken as bacteria and germs can be passed from one human to another and may obtain STDs/ AIDS/HIV from the contaminated wax pots. Here’s the list of what you should observe:

  1. No double dipping of spatulas (please make sure that you see with your eyes that once the spatula is used to scoop the wax and applied on you and immediately disposed off into the bin!)
  2. All the tools that is used should be sterilized (eg tweezers perhaps?)
  3. Gloves are worn (but of course shouldn’t be re-used on someone else)
  4. Face mask

So why should we females indulge in a service like this? There’s already so many things for us females to do to maintain our image/youth? We should do it for all the right reasons. Don’t get a Brazilian wax just because your husband/ boyfriend/ partner loves it.

The following are the reasons:

  • Hygiene (especially during menstrual period, definitely much more cleaner)
  • No more bad odour coming from down south
  • Looks neater
  • Saves us from embarrassment when wearing a really nice bikini
  • Finer & lesser hair growth ( i still don’t understand why the hair our head  differs from the hair in the private area in terms of its texture!?!)
  • More panty room area, nice and breezy
No more embarrassing "escaped hair" moments!
Then comes the different types of waxes that salons offer. Becareful of the salons that only offers soft wax only. Certain areas of the private area cannot be waxed with soft wax. It will only damage your skin. Some sensitive areas must be waxed with hard wax.If you walk into one offering a service like that, chances are that they don’t know much about Brazilian waxing and they are just offering to earn some side income. I truly believe that Brazilian waxing is a form of art/ skill. It is a sensitive area that one therapist should know what they are doing, which parts are sensitive and how the different parts are waxed.
Example of hard waxes (may vary with different salons)
Example of soft waxes (may vary with different salons)

First question that pops into you mind…”IS IT PAINFUL?”. If done by a skilled therapist, the pain is minimal. If the salon has great products, the pain is lesser than minimal. And of course, it depends one every individual’s pain tolerance. Seriously, it is not as pain as most people describe..! Trust me..

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there are a few good salons that provides a great service with good usage of products. I feel that such a service is starting to get popular but alot of salons who implement such service on their menu lack the expertise. So, really every male and female should get a Brazilian wax done. Don’t forget to make it a monthly ritual!

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