BEAUTY TIP: How I Clean My Brushes

Okay, and so this topic comes along. How often do you exactly clean your brushes? And when I say CLEAN, meaning a thorough cleaning method to rid the brushes of BACTERIA and GERMS (yes they are scary) and leftover product in the brush. Imagine the product and bacteria & germs buildup in there? Urgh! Can’t imagine and maybe I don’t want to.

Well, if you are a mysophobic (fear of germs or contamination) then I suggest; CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES EVERYDAY! I clean my brushes every week. Not that I am dirty and care less for any germs invasion, I’m just being practical (I have a full time job and only reach home by 8+) and plus, I have some weird imagination that if I clean my brushes everyday, the hairs are gonna fall of my brush leaving me with a less functional brush although I doubt so. Simply because Sigma brushes are really good quality brushes!

So, here is what i do….

Prepare the things you need as follows:

A brush cleaner, any brush cleaner will do. Just happened to have a MAC brush cleanser.

Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby bath. (I use this as I find it least harsh compare to any other bath soap)

2 old towels; 1 to clean the grime and 1 for the brushes to lay and dry

I usually use 2 hand towel size; 1 to clean the cosmetics (like above, better than toilet rolls!) off the brushes and the other to lay all the brushes to dry. I only had one towel so I’m gonna use toilet paper roll. I sprinkled some MAC brush cleanser all over the toilet paper roll and started placing the hair of the brushes onto the cleanser and move the brush in circular motion. I do this step to get rid of the stubborn left over product especially with really dark pigmented color usage.

Stick em brush onto the area with the brush cleanser and move your brush in circular motions like so..

Once I am done with all the brushes, I proceed to running them under the running water and rinse it with a mild soap; Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby bath to rinse off the brush cleanser and also toilet roll particles (lesson learnt, do not use toilet roll/ tissue). I really couldn’t find my usual old towel and was way to eager to show you how I clean my brushes.

Squeeze out a size of a dime of the Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby bath onto your fingers and rinse em’ brushes like so..

Rinse em’ all and lay it out on the second towel and let em’ dry throughout the night (or day if you prefer). Super easy and quick huh!

Brushes I use on a daily basis – Mostly Sigma brushes

I usually wash my brushes at night and just leave them to dry overnight, just in time for me to apply my make up before going to work.

How do you usually clean your make up brushes and how often? Do share! Till then, Toodles!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way.

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