Block Facebook Game Requests – I Can’t Take It Anymore!


As a beauty blogger, you probably spend most of your time on Facebook. I do! And every time when I log in, I see a ton of game requests that annoys me to the core. Even when you post numerous times publicly on your timeline, it is that one post that nobody bothers to read or share. Don’t you get it? I don’t play Candy Crush or Pirate Kings! If I really wanted to play those games, I would have clicked on it the very first time you sent over a request. 


Great! You’re in for a treat. Take out your phone now and follow my simple 4 step pictorial below to block Facebook game requests below:

Block Facebook Game Requests

Now, we can all Facebook in peace and not offend anyone on our list. If you did find this helpful, do share this with anyone and everyone who has been facing this problem for the longest time ever. Let me know if this worked out for you in the comments section below. A virtual “cheers” with a mug of hot chocolate to celebrate! 

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Till then, Toodles!

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