This blog is a personal blog written based on my personal experience(s) and personal opinion(s) of the said product/service which are never influenced by any PR/media and brands. twoPinkCheeks accepts press samples of a product or services for reviews and consideration. Please ensure that all products sent are full size and/or range in order for me to provide actual and accurate information to the readers. No reviews are guaranteed as such. Any product provided for consideration and review will typically take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks for a post to appear on TwoPinkCheeks.com. The post will state that the product/ service was provided for consideration. In return, a simple request to link my website/ youtube channel; TwoPinkCheeks.com and/or youtube-TwoPinkCheeks in your official website.  If no statement as such is seen, it just means that I purchased it on my own.

For products/ campaigns/ launches that require a post sooner than 8 weeks, please contact me at Editor@TwoPinkCheeks.com

The blog is a platform to share beauty news, reviews, tutorials, beauty tips, new products and anything beauty related and in no way claim to be an expert/ professional on a topic, product or service. When reviewing a product provided for consideration, any product info, claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service is provided and verified by the brand/company/PR/Media companies. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

If you would like to use any of my images, please link it back to me. I took alot of effort in providing great quality images and investing in a good camera for the readers to enjoy those awesome images. Thank you.


I may work with certain brands and PR/ media companies to host giveaways for avid readers of the blog (that’s if I happened to be approached). Any products sponsored by certain brands and PR/ media companies, postage is to be borne by the winner. Most of the time, giveaway prizes are purchased by twopinkcheeks, the editor herself. Postage will be borne by TwoPinkCheeks.com as a token of appreciation. To be fair, all giveaway winners will be randomly selected with the usage of a random generator and will be contacted via email. All giveaways will clearly state the terms and conditions.


All tutorials are created with my creative mind and in no way intends to copy any tutorial/ images off the Internet. Let’s just say great minds think alike in an event it happens. If I do re-create any tutorials with reference to beauty gurus online/blogs, it will be stated and linked back to the original creative mind/owner/blog. The tutorial in my blog is not a construed method of make up application; it’s simply a comfortable way and what works best for me.


Being an editor of this blog takes a lot of time, effort and passion, therefore I appreciate that any PR/Media and brands that contact me to at least make an effort to read the blog and disclosure. Please address all inquiries and invitation/ press release to “Kelly T”. And, yes, that is my name.

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