I’ve been blogging since 2011, not very long compared to the pioneer bloggers. Nevertheless, during those 4 years, I’ve learnt alot about blogging and what it takes to be blogger. Since then, my blog has gone through a number of facelifts and will continue to do so to fit the fast moving Internet trends.

With my background in Bachelors of Multimedia (Business Marketing), I decided to take it a notch up to learn more about WordPress and everything related to blog marketing. Having the basics always makes it easier. I can proudly say I am now a WordPress Master & Blog Marketing Geek (awesome job title I have just given myself). The geek in me has now emerged! Now armed with the best skills and tools, I can help you with the following services.

Yes, I do charge for helping you out. Simply because I take my time out from spending with my lil one to work on your blog.


Like an accounts audit, I can do a blog audit. This is for existing blogs that have a problem with little to no subscribers, traffic or any problems that you faced with your blog. I can help you by taking a look at your blog, find out the problem and provide you with the solution.

  • Questionnaire – There will be some questions for you to fill in. This will help me understand more about you and your blog
  • Blog Audit – Peak around your blog to check on what’s good to keep and what to improve on
  • Email – Will keep in touch with you via email 7 days from the first day the questionnaire was sent out to you. From there, we will discuss on what you can improve, implement and remove from the blog
  • Bonus –  “The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Blog Audience” eBook


I recommend that you invest on a domain name. Your domain name is like a piece of property. It might be worth more than what you pay for once you’ve obtained massive traffic.

  • Registration and purchase of a domain name; price varies on the different TLDs (.com, .net, .org, etc)
  • Transfer of a purchased/ existing domain name to a hosting provider. I can help you with hosting. Please see below for more information.
  • Please email a domain name you have in mind and I will provide you a quotation on the domain name together with suggestions in an event your domain name is unavailable.


I can provide hosting services on a yearly basis with a renewal option. You will definitely need a hosting service provider once you have embarked on a journey of having your own domain name. Choose from:

  • Hosting 1 year
  • Hosting 2 years
  • Hosting 3 years
  • Free email setup with any hosting packages chosen above


  • Installation of the latest WordPress version with your domain name.
  • Plugins installation; My Recommended Plugins
  • Installation of other plugins upon request can be done with no additional charge
  • Setup of basic widgets, e.g. links to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Installation of Google Analytics;  If you already have an account just handover your information if not I can create one for you.


  • Transfer of old blog to self-hosted blog


  • A basic WordPress theme will be installed
  • If you’ve purchased a premium theme previously that you’ll like to use for the blog, I’ll be happy to install the theme along with your existing content for you.
  • If you would like another theme other than the basic, I have 5 blogging themes for you to choose from at an additional charge
  • I am unable to customize any design at the moment; I have my hands tied juggling between my full-time job, blogging and motherhood. So it just boils down to not having the time to code everything from scratch (And yes, I do know html coding in case you’re wondering).


A logo for your blog is the next important element that you should invest in. I can help with a simple logo design. 

  • Simple logo design – Inclusive of 2 revisions


Imagine having professional emails like I have seen many professional looking sites but lacking proper emails with their domain name on it. Leverage the power of your domain name. Like mine

  • Setup of 5 emails when you sign up for any hosting packages with me 
  • If you’re interested in building your subscriber’s list, I can help you with email auto responders at an additional charge


It differs from blog to blog depending on specifications and requirements of a blog. It also depends on how many jobs i have taken.


I will provide 30 days of technical support via email for any of my services. It will take me 24-48 hours to respond.

Satisfaction Guarantee


For more info and pricing, please contact me. I’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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