6 Steps To Getting Cashback – How To Save With Shopback

Hello Friends,

Lately, the costs of living has increased tremendously that most people would have either stopped shopping or cut down on unnecessary things like beauty products. I for sure cut back on shopping especially beauty products from America due to the high and violatile exchange rate. So, when I discovered Shopback, I was thrilled and had to share this with you.

If you have not heard of Shopback; it is an online shopping cashback site. It simply means you get money back when shopping online through their platform. And with that, we can get more savings. On top of the savings, there are also promotional deals and offer available.

And if you’re thinking if this is a scam, it is NOT. I have personally used myself a few times. Basically, Shopback works with merchants as an affiliate. So with anyone that they refer through their website, they get a commission! And the best thing is, they share the commission with us. Hence, the cashback.  It’s free to sign up and available in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and India. There is a global site if you’re not within these countries.

Other than saving on beauty products, you can save on travel, food, fashion, hotels and many more. And because I am working mother and have no time to venture out and do actual shopping, I shop online; saving time and money. Check out the online sites below that you can purchase from. These are just a few. My favourite stores are Lazada, Zalora, AirAsiaGo and Expedia. Any shop you fancy?

ShopBack Review Malaysia

6 Steps To Getting Cash Back

Step 1: Sign Up/ Log Into Shopback

Step 2: Click on the store you would like to shop at. You will then get redirected to the store’s website.

Step 3: Shop and make your purchase as usual.

Step 4: Get cashback in your account within the next 48 hours. Check under the “Pending” tab of your account.

Step 5: Once your order has been validated by the merchant, your cashback will be “Redeeemable”. The process will usually take 30 to 60 days to ensure that there is no exchange, refunds or cancellation made.

Step 6: When you have a “Redeemable” payout of RM10, you can “Request Payout”. The cash will be debited to your bank account that you have specified. So remember to fill in your bank account details properly.

ShopBack Review Malaysia

This Is The Real Deal; Just cashed out for you to see!

Oh, and did I mention they have excellent customer service? Pretty darn impressed. I’ve never had any luck with good customer service whether offline or online. It’s great to see a Company being able to do that. So refreshing! I’ll keep that horrible experience to share with you on another day. It’s going to be a long one so stay tune.

You see, there are times when your cashback goes missing? I’ve experienced that once. I did click to shop through their platform so I am unsure of what happened to the missing cashback. And so I contacted them via their contact form and was assisted within 24 hours. Everything was sorted out within a few days.


#1: Always ensure you click through on Shopback’s platform at all times. If you don’t, Shopback doesn’t get their commission from the merchant and neither do we.

#2: Read and follow the merchants’ store terms and condition when purchasing through Shopback (I read every single word before any purchase)

#3 – It takes up to 48 hours to see any cashback in your account. So, don’t get all alarmed and panicky.

#4: You only get cashback for actual completed purchases. If any cancelation, returns or exchange is done, you will get nothing.

#5: If you have any cashback requests from more than 3 months ago, it will not be entertained or processed. Their system only keeps records of purchases 3 months from the date of purchase. Always keep track of your account’s activity.

If you’re already a serial online shopper, sign up now to enjoy unlimited savings. It’s still not too late. Happy shopping friends!



Happy New Year

Hello Friends!

The year has gone by in a flash. We’re now in the month of December, just a  few days away from 2016. It’s the time where I always have mixed feelings; both sad and happy at the same time.

2015 wasn’t the best year for me. Hit many bumps along the way.  So, in a way I’m glad that the new year is just around the corner but sad at the same time because it’s time to say good bye to 2015. Also, work starts on 2nd Jan. What a bummer!

I decided to look back at old posts on new year resolutions. The last resolution I wrote was in year 2012. Holy cow! 3 years ago. I took a look at it anyway and realised that I have not accomplished much EVEN AFTER 3 YEARS.

But… I must say that I have managed to get at least a few things done this year:

  1. Read 95% of the bible; Downloaded an app to finish reading the bible in one year. Missed out on a few days which I’m definitely going to finish by Jan 2016. Without the app, I would have only read a few pages. *Pats on the back*
  2. Picked up a new skill
  3. Exercised 3 times a week for almost 10 months; the best part of it is that almost everyone I’ve not seen in a while said that I’ve lost so much of body fat although that was not my priority. Just wanted to be be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Learnt to relax and not stress so much about work; I’m usually a very tensed person and I panic easily

Initially, I wasn’t going to list down any resolutions. But, I realized it is good to have one regardless if I accomplished any. It keeps me in check and will try to get it done the following year.


  1. Launch an online business
  2. Continue with exercising 3 times a week
  3. Read  Secrets Of A Self Made Millionaire by Adam Khoo; in the midst of reading this book and it’s been 3 months since I started
  4. To be more organised and well planned for all projects and work
  5. To post more often on this blog; aiming at 2 posts a week whether it is a tutorial, haul, beauty tip or product review.

That’s 5 resolutions for the year 2016. Having a 6th would be a little too much for me but I may attempt it if I’m able to execute resolution #4.

6.  Expand twopinkcheeks.com; what would you like to see more from me apart from the            usuals?

I’m at work editing this post to be able to wish you all in time (I know I have been slacking). So, Happy New Year to you all! Be safe and sound however and wherever you’re celebrating. I’ll be at home counting down with my lil boy while I try to put him to bed. The mummy lifestyle I now have.

Happy New Year

Cheers. Here’s to a great year ahead!

Lash Extensions – It Was Indeed An Experience!

Lash Extensions Malaysia

Hello Friends,

I’ve decided to hop onto the bandwagon and see what’s the craze about having lash extensions. This is only my second time trying it out. Let’s just say I had a really bad first experience and had no idea why lash extensions are so popular. And so, I decided to give a go again. I am in no way a lash extension expert but here to share my experience.


Well, I wanted long nice long voluminous lashes without having to go though the hassle of applying falsies every morning. I simply don’t have the time! Plus, it wasn’t comfortable wearing those one strip falsies . Can’t seem to handle the falsies well!

And, did I mention that I’ve tried all sorts of mascara including the popular Benefit They’re Real Mascara which none of them has given me those awesome lashes?


First, consultation. This is where you tell the lash technician how you would like to look and pick the lashes accordingly.

Then, I was escorted into a semi room (no doors) to lie down on the bed. The lash technician put on strips of tape on the lower lid and brow so that she can clearly see the upper lash. She then takes individual lashes and applied onto each lash with a special lash glue.

Tip: Becareful when choosing a salon. Pick one that does that tedious job of applying an extension on each lash and uses good quality products.

It took about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Yes, it was that long! So, patience is what you need my friends.


In PJ/KL area, it can cost anywhere from RM150 TO RM250. It depends on the location, how nice the setup is and the products they use. I’ve seen and heard of ridiculous prices that goes up to RM1,500.

The salon that I went to charges RM198 for the set of lash chosen with a free touch within 5 days if any of the lashes drops.

Lash Extension Malaysia

Purrrrdy isn’t it?


  • No mascara
  • No falsies needed
  • No eyeliner needed
  • Saves time
  • Look pretty when you wake up in the morning
  • Natural looking
  • Great for special occasions; weddings, anniversaries and dates


  • Difficult to take off makeup
  • Can’t use waterproof makeup
  • Cannot use oil-based makeup remover; shortens the lifespan of the lash extensions
  • Hard to wipe the face after washing it especially when the water is trapped in the eyes and you will have to gently dab your eyes.
  • Cost; Can be expensive in the long run. Based on the place I went to, it will cost me RM198 x 12 months. That’s RM2,376 to exact. I rather spend that on makeup and diapers.
  • When your lashes are wet and you close your eyes, it feels pokey
  • Only lasts 2.5 weeks to 4 weeks
  • Thinning of lashes


Touch ups are available. It can cost anywhere from RM120 to RM200 depending on the salon you go to. Sometimes, it is just a tad bit cheaper than getting a new full set of lashes. So might as well, pay for a new set right?

Mine would cost RM168 to touch up and RM30 to remove.


  • Don’t use oil base makeup removers; it will shorten the span of the lashes
  • Don’t go with waterproof or hard to remove eye makeup  prior to your appointment; it will be hard to remove once you get home
  • Dont rub your eyes; no matter how itchy it is
  • Don’t sleep on your eyelashes or sides; you might end up with wonky eyelashes or fallouts when sleeping in such positions
  • Ensure that the salon has provided you with proper information of their products and after care
  • Do ask about your lash technician if she is experienced enough


As you all now know, based on my recent post 50 Random Things About Me; I am claustrophobic. So, the moment the lash technician applied the tape and told me to close my eyes for the next 2 hours; I felt like everything was closing in on me. No, I didn’t go screaming like a crazy claustrophobic woman if you’re wondering. I dealt with my fears, closed my eyes and picture my happy baby calling me mama.

My lashes were done in 1.5 hours. I think it was too long for me to lie still and do nothing productive (apart from getting pretty). Although, I must say I was really happy with the result. The lash technician who did it for me was really helpful and cheerful. The only thing I didn’t quite like was her humming to the music while doing my lashes.

I had a few lashes fall off within the 5 days. Some just the extension and some with my actual lash. Because I had waterproof eyeliner on prior to the service, I had a hard time removing it and had some some cotton stuck to the lashes. Throughout the duration of having these lash extensions, I had many of my natural lashes fallout with the extensions. It scares me to the core that my lashes are dropping and getting thinner although I did take good care of them.

The lashes looked good for 4 weeks and were completely gone by the 5th week. And since I opted not to continue with having them on, I simply used an oily based makep remover the next few days and the lashes were completely removed. Save RM30 there.

Lash Extensions Malaysia

One of the fallouts that was attached with my natural lashes

Overall, I liked how I save 5 minutes on my usual makeup routine. Every mother needs that! Best of all, I felt sexy , confident and empowered.

But, the cons outweigh the pros for me. So, I’ll only get them done on special occasions. I prefer comfort and less expenses. I’m a mother (if you don’t know) so I’d rather spend it on diapers and milk. Typical mom. I know.

Do share your experience in the comment section below.

Till then,