50 Random Things About Me

50-Random-Things-About-Me-TagI am pretty much a very private person. And you probably don’t know much about me other than the bio in the blog. So here you go, get to know me more by reading 50 Random Things About Me below. They are in no particular order:

  1. I love crime shows and murder mystery novels
  2. Baking soothes my soul; I make a mean chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache
  3. I am messy as heck! My home office looks like a tornado just went by
  4. I drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day; and as a result I have stained coffee teeth
  5. Easily irritated with fake accents; I’ll make some kinda face almost immediately. Malaysian means Malaysian lah! So, don’t even try any accent with me. I can tell whether it is an authentic accent or not
  6. I’m NOT a morning person; don’t even try talking to me in the morning. I’ll just give you my hand and walk off.
  7. I love everything chocolate;  cake, muffin, pancake, fudge, ice cream50 Random Things About Me
  8. My favourite color changes every now and then; it is pink for now. It used to be purple. I think grey or turquoise is next!
  9. I have a love and hate relationship with em fit flop slippers. Even my mother thinks I look the least attractive in those slippers. Hey, they’re comfy!
  10. I used to very flexible, splits and all that; Joined the rhythmic gymnastics class when I was 13. Was told that I’ll never be able to do a split at that age and I surprised my instructor with my ability to do a split within months
  11. Really dislike golf; it’s a lifestyle and a waste of time. I hope my husband is reading this.
  12. I enjoy motherhood so much I would love to have 4 kids if possible; I used to mumble and grumble about babies and kids all the time.
  13. Attracted to all things glitter
  14. Have a thing for nail art
  15. I have a very fierce looking face, people think I am unfriendly; can’t help it if my facial expression intimidates you or just looks fierce naturally. Born that way. Can’t be smiling 24 hours can I? I’ll look like an idiot and will probably have stiff cheek muscles by the end of the day. I’m actually quite the opposite! Most people tell me that.
  16. I can speak English, broken and almost out of tune Canto, average mandarin and half past 6 Bahasa Melayu
  17. I have an addiction for shoes; especially peep toes and wedges.
  18. I’m 5ft3; I think that’s not very tall but I’m happy with that.
  19. I have cravings like a pregnant lady; I must have it the moment the crave kicks in. It’s so bad that my husband ignores me and let me whine about how much I am craving about something. He was only accommodating when I was pregnant!
  20. Must have dessert after dinner; either some pure milk chocolate or a cake
  21. Love reading during my free time
  22. I can never sit still and relax; even whilst getting a foot massage I am either replying emails, checking out Facebook and Instagram or reading a book related to business or marketing stuff. If its a body massage, I’ll  be either talking to the masseuse or the person I went with.
  23. Claustrophobic and Altophobic
  24. Only eat thick vermicelli
  25. Very empathetic person; which means I cry easily when I see heart breaking moments, movie shows and real life events or disasters.
  26. I don’t wear earrings; I’ve got an enlarged earhole coz it was the trend back then so my earring can’t be secured on my right ear
  27. I have 3 tattoos; all of which symbolizes a moment of my life, some good and some bad. A white tattoo on my wrist and 2 on the back. The idea of having a white tattoo is awesome but really, it didn’t turned out to be as what I expected. Picture below shows a few days old tattooTattoo-Faith
  28. My feet are ginormous for my height and size; Size 8
  29. Have been married for 7 years and counting
  30. Too shy to wear a bikini
  31. The sea must be clear enough for me to see what I’m swimming in otherwise I start screaming; I fear for what I step on and what’s swimming around me
  32. I don’t take no for an answer
  33. My ambition was to be lawyer practicing criminal law; sadly I never became one
  34. I like my dinners to be accompanied with any type of boiled chinese soup
  35. I have to sleep on 2 stacked pillows
  36. Love fresh raw oysters with lemon and tabasco sauce
  37. When I am driving, I sing like I am performing; I don’t quite care if anyone is staring at me. If you happen to see me, honk and wave Hi!
  38. Dislike bittergourd
  39. Aviophobia or Aerophobia; I’m afraid to travel by plane; my palms and feet sweat so badly during take off and landing (another sort of phobia *facepalm*)
  40. I’m in my 30s
  41. Boisterous
  42. Chinese New Year is my favourite occassion; so much food to eat. It’s always about the food
  43. My dream is to get a nail education/ degree in Japan; unfortunately it costs too much, between RM40,000 to RM80,000. Yes, there’s that many zeros and a price of an actual degree! And I’ll probably have to master the language which is pretty hard at this age.50 Random Things About Me
  44. Would like to have my own makeup or falsies line someday
  45. Plans to retire and be financially independent and secured by 40; I hate the thought of having to depend on my husband for any source of income
  46. Gathers friends once a year to do charity; I like giving back to the society. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. It’s human nature. So, I encourage all of you to start doing your part in giving back to the society.
  47. Attempted to film Youtube tutorials for you; camera shy yo!
  48. Would love to try out pole dancing; no guts
  49. I’m a mommy’s girl and yet we argue all the time; that’s love.
  50. I spend at least 10 hours a day on the computer

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me. Hooray! We are now best of pals. If you haven’t done this fun post, get going and post one now. I would love to get to know you too!

Till then, Toodles!

Block Facebook Game Requests – I Can’t Take It Anymore!


As a beauty blogger, you probably spend most of your time on Facebook. I do! And every time when I log in, I see a ton of game requests that annoys me to the core. Even when you post numerous times publicly on your timeline, it is that one post that nobody bothers to read or share. Don’t you get it? I don’t play Candy Crush or Pirate Kings! If I really wanted to play those games, I would have clicked on it the very first time you sent over a request. 


Great! You’re in for a treat. Take out your phone now and follow my simple 4 step pictorial below to block Facebook game requests below:

Block Facebook Game Requests

Now, we can all Facebook in peace and not offend anyone on our list. If you did find this helpful, do share this with anyone and everyone who has been facing this problem for the longest time ever. Let me know if this worked out for you in the comments section below. A virtual “cheers” with a mug of hot chocolate to celebrate! 

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Makeup Haul – Maybelline’s New Stuff


It has been a while since I’ve gone on any form of shopping indulgence. Motherhood and work has kept me very busy. Happened to walk past a roadshow in Midvalley and decided to purchase some makeup as a reward for working hard both at work and home. And…I was also being “kiasu” la. Wanted to be one of the first to try the new Maybelline The Nudes Palette.


Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow

Maybelline The Nudes Palette – RM69.90

Maybelline Fashion Brow – RM26.80

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner – RM18.95

Find out more about the Maybelline The Nudes Palette in a review here.

Total Damage: RM134.60 inclusive of GST RM7.62

Till then, Toodles!