REVIEW: CHANNEL Demaquillant Yeux Intense Gentle Biphase Eye Makeup Remover SPF 15 Review

Have you seen this around? I haven’t until i received this as a Christmas pressie from my dearest sis-in-law. She swears that this is the best eye makeup remover she has ever used and has been persuading me to get it and try it out but i kept insisting i prefer to use an inexpensive eye make up remover as all eye make removers to me are the same. Plus, i don’t usually  check out the high end counter brands. After trying it, i totally agree with my sister -in-law, this product is the bomb! I am loving this product so much that i am just going to stick with this eye make up remover.  It’s a tad bit pricey at RM89 (USD$32) as compared to drugstore and other high end brands.

This product removes eye makeup almost instantly in one swipe even if you have waterproof mascara. A little goes a long way! Amazing i tell you! It removes  eye makeup easily and best of all it’s not oily that most oily eye makeup removers  leaves a thin film of oil in your eyes which i have experience with other high brands. It gives you a fuzzy picture of everything  and it was so uncomfortable.

This is the me with my everyday neutral eye makeup:

All you need is a little drop on the cotton, with the cotton pad below i can actually use for both eyes!

Ta….da….! All you have to to do is go in circular motions for about 3 times and in just one swipe the make up is gone. Voila! Excuse the flaky and red skin at the corner there.

I will most certainly recommend this product!




Great that it doesn’t feel oily in any any. Removes eye make up efficiently


Expensive but totally worth it!

Will i buy it again:

Yes, definitely!

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