CLEVERWHITE: Teeth Whitening in 5 days

I have been wanting to whiten my teeth a long time ago. For Asians, our teeth is naturally yellowish. And it is worse for people like me who has a coffee & red wine addiction/routine. In a day, i usually have 2 to 3 cups of coffee and by night 2-3 glasses of red wine. Due to such lifestyle, my teeth is stained and is super yellow. To me, every women should own a great set of  sparkling white teeth with a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, dentists have told me i’ll never achieve super white teeth with dentist grade whitening system. It can only lighten a few shades.  The only way i can have super white teeth is by having veneers which obviously is very expensive. So, out of curiosity as to how true it is, i decided to try some drugstore teeth whitening product…

Mint Flavor Baby! It's da Bomb!
According to the manufacturer, visible results are achievable but unfortunately i didn't experience that!

Been doing some research on the internet, i’ve seen many people who maintain and achieve white teeth with home care whitening systems. The one recommended (sorry! i can’t remember the brand name) is not available here in Kuala Lumpur. So, i went to our local drugstore and check our the whitening systems that they have. To my astonishment, i went to Caring Pharmacy and they had only one brand; Professional CleverWhite One-Step Teeth Whitening Kit – Mint Flavor. Got it for RM89.00 (USD$27.80)

It took me a while to figure out how to open this little fella. It's tricky i tell you!

It has 10 prefilled ready-to-use trays that is transparent, thin and flexible. It was easy to put into position. First, you have to brush your teeth and ensure it is very clean. Then, open the sealed packaging and insert the tray like putting on retainers, just fit it according to your teeth. It isn’t rocket science, so i am pretty sure if you get  this, you’ll know how to insert the trays. Insert one tray each, bottom and top and leave it in there for a good 30 minutes. On the first day when i put the trays in, i find it very uncomfortable, don’t know if i’ll die swallowing my saliva that contains a tiny amount of the whitening solution. It was very messy for me as my saliva was gathering at the opening of my mouth and was pouring out like nobody’s business. I was biting so tightly that the solution all oozed out onto my gums and swirled around my saliva. So, tip #1, don’t bite so tightly and just leave it naturally inside your mouth.

A close up shot of the actual product

After taking out the trays, it was a little hard to get rid of the whitening gel. It was slimy and i had to control the sudden rush of saliva gushing out (the ones i didn’t swallow). Immediately, i rinsed my mouth with water and brushed it thoroughly. It felt so weird after all that brushing as it was squeeky clean i tell you! Did this for 5 consecutive days and below is the result:

As stated on the packaging, it is clinically proven that it is safe and effective.

*****Drumrolls…. and the results …:

Sorry, no pictures available. I did take pictures but the pictures are so ugly that  i can’t put it up. Overall, IMO i don’t see that it is any shade lighter. If i have to do it a few times at home, i might as well get it professionally done once and for all. I felt uncomfortable wearing it for 30 minutes. During the 5 days, i did not drink any red wine and did cut  down on the coffee intake. Now, i find my teeth sensitive to cold drinks..


Looks like any other home care teeth whitening system.


It’s alright


Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover all the teeth, top and bottom. So a few teeth at the back may not be the same shade.


Inexpensive compared to professional teeth whitening at the dentist but can be costly if were to buy a few packs.

Will i buy it again:

No. I’ll opt to go to the dentist and  get it whitened or i’ll save enough money for veneers!

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