CLOTHING HAUL: Forever 21 & Accessories

(L) Denim Washed, Batwing Tunic Orange/White (R)
Denim Washed - Close Up
Batwing Tunic Orange/White - Close Up
(L) Knit Top, String Black Top (R)
Knit Top - Close Up
String Black Top - Close Up
(L) Floral Coral Ring, Multi Color Stone Gold Ring (R)
Owl Cream Gold Ring

The Damage:

  1. Knit Top “Taupe” – USD$17.20 [RM55.00]
  2. String Top “Black” – USD$27.80 [RM89.00]
  3. Denim Washed Top – USD$27.80 [RM89.00]
  4. Batwing Tunic Top “Orange/White” – USD$27.80 [RM89.00]
  5. Flower Coral Ring – USD$2.80 [RM9.00]
  6. Multi Color Stone Gold Ring – USD$2.80 [RM9.00]
  7. Owl Cream Gold Ring – USD$2.80 [RM9.00]

Total Damage: USD$109.05 [RM349.00]

All clothing and accessories were purchased from Forever 21, Malaysia and  is available throughout the whole of USA, Singapore,Indonesia,Thailand,UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Muscat and Jordan.

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