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Can you believe it? Kiss Me cosmetics are available in Watsons (Malaysia’s local drugstore). Funny how I never noticed it there previously. I went to the usual place SASA with the intention of purchasing my favourite liquid eyeliner but I decided not to get it as it wasn’t on sale; U.P. USD$15.60 [RM49.90]. It’s usually 10% off (or more) so why pay more when you can get it for less? Not like I urgently need it. So, I dropped by Watsons to check if there is any new product in store and saw Kiss Me cosmetics at 10% cheaper; U.P. USD$14.00 [RM44.90]. Now I know where to get it when SASA is not on sale. I use this everyday and runs out really fast on me so I always need a spare in the drawer.

Bronzer - Front
Bronzer - Back

The Damage:

  1. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner – USD$14.00 [RM44.90]
  2. *Essence Bronzing Compact Powder – USD$5.00 [RM15.90]

Total Damage: USD$19.00 [RM60.80]

*Essence Cosmetics is an affordable cosmetic brand that originates from Europe.

Will give this bronzer a go and a review will be up soon. What a bargain! I’ve never paid USD$5.00 [RM15.90] for a bronzer before. Will see how it goes. Till then, toodles!

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  1. hey about the bronzing powder,where can i get it?cause i was looking for a good bonzer but all are very expensive,is essence under kiss me,need ur reply a.s.a.p,and its it good?

    1. Essence used to be available at Midvalley but somehow their store disappeared. Essence and Kiss Me are different brands. If you’re looking for an affordable bronzer, perhaps you should Sephora since they have an array of products. You might just find something within your budget. I personally like the bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics; the Hoola Bronzer as it is a matte finish. I hope this helps. cheers.

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