COSMETICS HAUL: MAC Cosmetics Archie’s Girls Collection

As a kid, I’ve always been reading the Archie’s comics. It has always been my staple comic book when in the ladies (or to be direct, when taking a dump *not like you needed to know*). And if you ask me who I prefer; Betty or Veronica, I’d say Betty in a flash. She is humble, kind and tolerant. But, from my purchase I bought more from the Veronica series coz’ I suppose  her colors matches brunettes/Asians more and somehow I’m drawn to bolder colors this time around.



Samples given away as free gift with every purchase. The makeup artist who attended to me said it was only given out on that day. Try asking if you’re purchasing anything from the collection, no harm asking right? On the far right, it’s sweets in the tin. 

The Damage


Betty Lipglass, “Kiss & Don’t Tell” – RM75.00


Veronica Powder Blush, “Prom Princess” – RM86.00


Veronica Lipglass, “Mall Madness” – RM75.00


Pearlmatte Face Powder, “Veronica’s Blush” – RM115.00


Veronica Lipstick, “Daddy’s Little Girl” – RM75.00

Total Damage: RM426.00


(L) to (R) Pearlmatte Face Powder, “Veronica’s Blush” – Light Pink Shimmer & Pink Hearts, Veronica Powder Blush, “Prom Princess” – Blended out & a finger swatch, Betty Lipglass, “Kiss & Don’t Tell”, Veronica Lipglass, “Mall Madness”, Veronica Lipstick, “Daddy’s Little Girl”

Now that’s a big hole in my purse. I’m beginning to be more adventurous and dive into colors that are more exciting. Neutral colors are starting to bore me (nothing bad), especially when I have a ton of neutral makeup on the vanity and somehow rather I look just plain. I reckon a pop of color somehow gives a little more oomph. With that much of makeup sitting on my vanity, I’ll be creating a quite a bit of fun and exciting looks/ tutorials. Till then, Toodles!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way. 

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  1. Oooh love the products you got! I was intending to get kiss & don’t tell, but i found it too pink and bright, almost a little neon on me, so i didnt. But i got both blushes in prom princess and cream soda, betty bright lipstick and summer sweetheart lipglass! Absolutely love this collection!

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