COSMETICS HAUL: Online Shopping Haul – Various

Yes, I’ve been shopping online! What’s new right? Malls are closed but not the ones online. I don’t like shopping on the weekends in malls. Too crowded and parking is just something I don’t look forward to. Oh btw, these are not available in a store where I live. So I’d reckon online shopping is awesome in way where you can shop in the comfort of your own home or where ever you are. Man, online shopping is addictive!

The Damage:

Sugarpill Limited Edition Eyeshadow, “@#$%! ” – USD$12.00 + USD$6.00 Shipping [RM57.08]

Lime Crime Limited Edition Set Uniliners, “Rhyme & Reason” – USD$19.99 + USD$10.95 Shipping [RM97.94]

Red Cherry Lashes, 6 pairs various – USD$12.00 + USD$6.95 Shipping [RM60.04]

Cosplay Blonde Wig – USD$17.85  + Free Shipping to Malaysia [RM56.92]. Wig not shown as I find it scary to snap a picture of the wig without the face.

Sleek Cosmetics Limited Edition PPQ Shangri-La I-Divine Respect Palette – USD$9.99 + USD$2.77 Shipping [RM40.83]

Close Up View

Total Damage: USD$98.50 [RM312.81]

Yeah, I know.. I’m quite a su*ker for limited edition cosmetics. Tell me it’s limited edition and I’ll purchase right on the spot provided packaging and quality is great! Please take note that all shipping prices varies for all products and countries so please do make sure you check the shipping rates to your country. All prices in “USD” is the currency the product is retailed for and prices in “RM” are conversion prices for those residing in Malaysia for comparison purposes.

Now that you know I’ve purchased quite a few new products, this only means more reviews, swatches and tutorials coming your way soon. So, do stay tune! Till then, Toodles!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way.

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