Hellooooo! I’m back with a collective cosmetics haul. Mostly online shopping and some local drugstore stuff that was purchased throughout the months. Now that I’m pregnant, I spend most of my time with my BFFs; the MAC Book & Internet. There’s way too many good cosmetics deals online. I’m at the point where breathing is getting difficult and my legs get really tired after standing/ walking for a while so yeah; staying at home and online shopping after work is good.



  • Watson’s Non-Woven Facial Puffs; RM5.90
  • Simple Wipes Double Pack; RM 26.90
  • Garnier Black Foam Face Wash 50ml; RM5.52
  • Garnier Regular Foam Face Wash 50ml; RM4.72


  • Maybelline Hyperglossy Eyeliner; RM17.90


Review coming soon…

  • Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System; RM129.90
  • Revlon CC Cream; RM48.88
  • Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover; RM9.90

Total Spent: RM249.22


Note: Purchased during some sales; hence the discounted price


Review coming soon…

Shipping & Handling USD$14.30 (*RM46.11)

Total Spent: USD$57.00 (*RM183.60)


Note: Purchased during BH Cosmetics 72 Hour steals


Review here

  • California Steal (BH Malibu Palette + BH San Francisco Palette + BH Hollywood Palette + Purple Kabuki Brush); USD18 (*RM58.04)


Review coming soon…

  • Back to the 60’s Steal (Eyes on the 60’s Eyeshadow Palette + Travel Essential Brush Set); USD$15 (*RM48.37)


  • Pop Art Steal Brushes; USD$12 (*RM38.69)
  • BH Cosmetics All-over Brush; USD$3.56 (*RM11.48)

Shipping & Handling; USD$15.95 (*RM51.43)

Total Spent: USD$48.56 (*RM208.10)


Note: Yup, bought some stamping plates to create video tutorials for you! Video coming your way soon. I’m uploading it on a very special day. So do stay tune!

  • Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Image Plate 21pc 2010 Collections ;USD$17.99 (*RM58.01)
  • 2013 “Create Your Own” Nail Stamping Plate Collection; USD$16.50 (*RM53.20)
  • Nail Art Stamping Plates Storage Case Organizer – Crocodile Black; USD$15.99 (*RM51.56)

Shipping & Handling; USD$8.50 (*RM27.41)

Total Spent: USD$58.98 (*RM190.18)


Note: Will not recommend nor purchase from this website again. Never received the below items and terrible customer service. I’ve spent USD$40+ (RM120+) on falsies I’ll never get to use. Mind you, I have never encountered any problems purchasing from online websites that ships internationally. Just thought you should know. I’m terribly upset that I didn’t receive the lashes. Was gonna do some bom diggity tutorials and looks with the lashes.

  • 2x Red Cherry #213; USD$3.90 (*RM12.58)
  • 3x Red Cherry #747S; USD$5.85 (*RM18.86)
  • 5x Red Cherry #747XS; USD$9.75 (*RM31.44)
  • 2x Miss Adoro #747S; USD$3.60 (*RM11.61)
  • 1x Red Cherry #C403; USD$2.50 (*RM8.06)
  • 1x Red Cherry #C208; USD$2.50 (*RM8.06)
  • 1x Miss Adoro #213; USD$1.50 (*RM4.84)

Shipping & Handling; USD$12.98 (*RM41.85)

Total Spent: USD$42.58 (RM*137.30)


  • NYX JEP, “Milk”; RM19.90 (After purchasing this, I realized I had 2 backups of this. Time to organize my makeup stash. I feel like an idiot buying more when I still have 2!!)


Review here

  • Urban Decay Vice Palette 2; Gifted (This limited edition palette is retailing at RM200.00; Sephora, Malaysia)

Total Spent: RM19.90


Note: Rimmel Cosmetics is available in Malaysia but the racks do look very miserable with their stocks. I got these through a friend who was in London.


  • Stay Matte Pressed Powder, “Warm Beige”; £4.00 (*RM21.12)
  • Stay Matte Pressed Powder, “Sandstorm”; £4.00 (*RM21.12)
  • Stay Matte Pressed Powder, “Transparent”; £4.00 (*RM21.12)

I bought 3 colors coz’ I can’t tell what shade I am by just looking online. Looks like all 3 suits me? Fingers crossed so it doesn’t go to waste. I’ve heard so much about this product, I just had to try!

Total Spent: £12.00 (*RM62.40)



Review here

  • Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Conditioning Dryer; RM499.00 (It’s worth it, trust me!)

Total Spent: RM499.00


TOTAL DAMAGE: RM%#@$%$@ (Looks like I’ve gotta cut down on beauty purchases or I might just have to check into a Beautyholics Anonymous group *lol*.)

Please take note that I’m not in anyway bragging/showing off what I’ve purchased. Just being sharing and caring on the deals I’ve discovered, thrills and new products purchased which you might be interested in. It also just means that there may be some product reviews coming your way. Till then, Toodles!

(*) Denotes a conversion rate from (£) to (RM) based on the rate 5.2 on the day of editing.

(*) Denotes a conversion rate from ($) to (RM) based on the rate 3.22 on the day of editing.

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way. 

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