FINALLY! A more affordable version of Urban Decay Primer Potion..

What is an eye primer? It helps you to apply your eyeshadow efficiently and maintaining the eyeshadow color from creasing, smudging and fading of color. It is especially great for oily leads for for people who wear make up all day long. Helps to blend colors easily as well. So, the next question comes along? Which brand should i use? Most beauty enthusiast will shout out aloud Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)! It is a great product but for those of you with a budget and would like something of equivalent result and texture, i’ve found an affordable product that i’ve tried and tested.

(L) NYX HD Eyeshadow Base (R) Urban Decay Primer Potion

Since Sephora has opened its doors, you will be able to find Urban Decay in that store. UDPP is retailing at RM75 (if not mistaken). They are now selling it in a tube packaging which i find more hygienic for daily usage compared to the old packaging as seen in the picture. So what is that product i find comparable to UDPP? **Drumroll** ….  NYX HD Eyeshadow Base!! Both of the products have the same texture; creamy & smooth, skin tone and long lasting. NYX product is retailing at RM35 excluding postage in Malaysia. A new online store with readily available (unless out of stock) NYX products without have to wait for months when you go on one of those shopping sprees. FB:  NYX COSMETICS KUALA LUMPUR (Unofficial).


Overall outlook of the two products, i prefer NYX HD Eyeshadow Base. It has a sleek black packaging that when you carry around it looks like an expensive product. Great for professional make up artists.UDPP looks nice but looks more funkier and fun with a nice purple color to it. I highly recommend NYX HD Eyeshadow Base!

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