Gel Polish Fever!

A new hybrid of polishes has taken the nail industry by a storm! So what’s the gel polish fever about? Traditional nail polish will soon be history as now most consumers are turning to gel polishes. They are nail colors in a gel form/ consistency. It can last up to 3 weeks with no chips and smudges.  Even after 3 weeks, you can still see the shine! Best of all, NO DRYING TIME is needed and fast application. You can get a gel manicure typically anywhere from RM90 to RM110  and  for a gel pedi from RM110 – RM130 depending on the nail salon that you go to. I got mine for only RM90 and for first timers to try out the service is at RM72. Awesome!

Traditional Nail Polish by OPI Mod About You

There are so many brands in the market right now. Most of them are similar but in terms of removing the gel polishes, the most nail friendly & non-damaging  is “Gelish”. I have had gel manicure recently and remove it with a special solution. The solution softens the gel and with an easy push with a wooden stick/ pusher, the gel is removed.

Gel Polish by Gelish

Yes, yes i know, they are all pink in color. My favorite color was and still is purple and my second favorite color is pink. So for my nails, yes they are pink most of the time and purple is usually for my accessories like phone cover, computer cover and ipad cover. By the way, all these photos were taken by me as well as the simple nail decor was designed by me so if anyone would like to use my photos, please credit them back to me (twopinkcheeks).

The Classic French Duo by Gelish


The Classic French Duo by OPI

Other brands seen:

Artistic Gel Polish
IBD Gel Polish
CND Gel Polish

Traditional nail polishes are good too if you like to change your nail color every week. A classic manicure is typically from RM33-RM45 and a classic pedicure is from RM45-RM55 depending on the salon that you go to. I use my fingers all the time to type and do my daily job so I do need my nails to have a long lasting color. That is why i am crazy about these gel polishes! Right now, i have a bright pink gel polish color on my fingers. Yes, its pink again!

The Latest by Gelish & Limited Edition

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