HAIR COLOR: I’ve done it again!

It’s the time of the year to look good and be jolly. Despite the busy schedule i have, i took some time out on a workday to get myself all dolled up. A very rare occasion indeed! I seriously never do unnecessary stuff on a workday no matter how free i am. The year is coming to an end and since i have been working so hard over the year, i reward myself with a new hair color to usher the new year, 2012!

My hair has been in a bad situation since i have started to dye my hair a much lighter shade than the jet black hair i used to have. And this time, i went with the intention to get it even lighter but then i was suggested otherwise. The hairstylist suggested i go darker with light highlights , so i went ahead with it.

The result…****Drumroll……*******:

My new hair color with highlights. I did say i went with a darker shade right? Didnt' realise how bright my hair was!

Had the foils on my head for the highlights. Looked like an idiot trying to snap a pic just in case you’ll like to know what i went through to obtain such beautiful color right?

Highlight-ing my hair
Apparently with the "UFO" on top of my head helps the color to speed up the process

Before i started with the coloring, the hairstylist again suggested i do a “pre-treatment” and “after-treatment” to protect the hair follicles from the damage that hair colorants do. Costs about RM80++ (“pre-treatment”) & RM180++ (“after-treament”) and i suppose it is a different pricing for different hair lengths. I’ll do anything to protect the state of my hair from becoming like hay look alike. Yes, that’s how bad it is that every salon i go to, the hairstylist will never fail to say my hair is distress and dry and i need to do a treatment. Considering the time i had, i only managed to do the “pre-treatment” and hair color. I am always in a rush to get back to work, so i forgo the “after-treatment” eventhough the hair stylist did say it will give much better results. It took 3 hours in total to achieve this hair color.

When i got home home, immediately i did my own home care hair treatment (click on the link and see how i do my hair treatment) since the hairstylist scared me into thinking its not going to be so perfect looking. Not sure if it made any difference but i did it anyway to ease my conscience. Sometimes, i think that the hairstylist just wants to push a product/ treatment just so they can earn more money especially when i am not a regular at the salon, not too sure how much they actually care about my hair. Still trying different hair salons and see which i like most. I always like to stick to one salon/ hairstylist who truly knows my taste and cares about my locks.

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