Hello all! I hope everyone’s going to have a great weekend. For me is just work, work & work.

So, one morning i woke up and decided I need to get a tattoo done; which I call it beauty on body. Many people’s perception of tattoos are usually sailors, loan sharks, gangsters and what not. just scrap that perception off will yah! I got a nice white tattoo of the word “faith” on my wrist. This word faces me to remind me every single day to have faith in everything I do and never to give up so I got that done. And then I was like, “HEY! I now need a hair color to match my new look!”.. Geeeez right?

And that’s how I decided that I am going to make an appointment to go dye my hair ombre color. Not those wacky pinks or purple. Don’t think I can pull those sorta hair color off. If you go google hair ombre and check out the images, you’ll notice most people have their hair color from dark brown to blonde. Well, I am gonna do it the other way around! It’s gonna be really blond on the top light brown and dark brown at the bottom. We’ll see how that turns out and I will definitely post my new hair color for y’all to see. Ya, I know I a little back on the ombre hair fashion…. Better late than never!


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