INGLOT Rainbow Eyeshadow

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Finally! The INGLOT rainbow eyeshadow will be officially launched on the 1st of Dec, 6.30pm onwards at Sunway Pyramid (Malaysia). It’s retailing at RM36(approx. USD$11.25)/per pan only! What a great price for such a great quality eyeshadow. Well, if you look at the pan; you’re basically getting 3 eyeshadow shades of a color for only RM36. The breakdown; only RM12 per shade! How much eyeshadow can you use right? a little goes a long way. Plus, you don’t have to find the matching tone/shade for blending! Best of all, the colors are all matte! I am so excited that i might head down to store to grab some colors on the 1st of Dec. I reckon, the rainbow palette is great for makeup artists..and of course make up junkies like us

The Full Collection

What do you think? So pweeeeeeety…Just not liking the green shadows coz it ain’t my lucky color. Too bad for me, looks like my palette is gonna have 2 empty spots. Hmmmm, which freedom system palette should i get; the 10 palette and stack 2 together OR the 20 palette? I like the 20 palette; the colors just look so fabulous when placed all together but i think it is so bulky that i can’t bring it with me when i travel. On the other hand, the 10 palette is more convenient but yet it’s 2 separate palettes. Will decide when i get to the store!

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