Celebrating 55 years of independence

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It’s the 31st of August! For us Malaysians, this is the day that we celebrate our Independence Day. Inspired by our flag consisting of blue, red, white and yellow, decided to get grooving with all the bright eyeshadows I have. Celebrating our 55 years of Independence with this eye look!

Front View – Opened Eye

Front View – Opened Eyes (Both)

Full View – Semi Closed Eyes

Full View – Opened Eyes

I used the 4 colors seen to represent the elements in the flag as follows:

  • Yellow – Moon & Star
  • Red  (Eyes & Lips) – Stripe
  • White (Lids & Waterline) – Stripe [the wording cannot be in white, coz’ if I change it to white, obviously you won’t be able to see the word right *giggles*]
  • Blue – Background of the moon and star

Anyone did any independence day inspired looks? Please do share  even if you’re from a different country! Till then, Toodles!

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