KISS ME Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner

My all time favourite eyeliner is on sale at 30% discount at HongKong SaSa, Sunway Pyramid. This product is never sold at 30% discount. The most is at 10% discount. The moment i saw such a great discount, i grabbed 2 immediately. Retailing at RM49.90 (normal price) and after the huge discount, the price was RM34.90. Unbelievable!

KISS ME Heavy Rotation Eyeliner (Liquid Liner)

Does not smudge, crease or gives you panda eyes at all.  The moment the eyeliner is applied on, it dries off almost immediately. The tip of the liner enables me to draw perfect line or the “wing” look. Best of all, it is very long lasting! I have the oiliest lids and have tried almost every gel and liquid liner and it doesn’t seem to work for me. So, trust me on this one. I love buying and trying eyeliners as i couldn’t find any eyeliner suitable for my oily lids. And then, i found Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyeliner! So Yay! Hurry before the discount ends. Definitely worth every penny…

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