I’ve finally swatched them! Loving all the palettes except for the green eyeshadows. I somehow have been persuaded in some way that green is just an unlucky color for me and over time green color faded from my life.

Received Parcel!
3-in-1 palettes bubble- wrapped, could have been better!

Here are so photos and swatches of each palette which i apologize again for the poor picture quality:

Original palettes received in the mail…

Wet n Wild Dancing In The Clouds
Wet n Wild Enter A New Realm
Wet n Wild We're Blasting Off
Wet n Wild Bright Idea
Wet n Wild Fly Me To The Moon
Wet n Wild Earth Looks Small From Down Here

Overall, my two most fav palettes are  “Dancing in the Clouds” and “We are Blasting off”. It’s a versatile palette where it can been used as an everyday make up routine. The rest can be a little but more dramatic which i will use for a girls night out or just a formal/casual dinner. Some colors appeared to be sheerer than seen on its own. I’ve tried 3 palettes so far on my own eyes are so far, i’ve been getting great comments! I can’t wait till Wet n Wild comes out with another collection!

Below are swatches with Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as a base…

Dancing In The Clouds
Enter A New Realm
We Are Blasting Off
Bright Idea
Fly Me To The Moon
Earth Looks Small From Down Here

P/S: Jumbo Eye Pencils can be purchased from twopinkcheeks. Our online store (website) for authentic NYX cosmetics is in progress. Everything available at hand, unless out of stock. FB: NYX Cosmetics Kuala Lumpur (Unofficial).

I am glad i bought this collection but still a little upset over the fact that one of the eyeshadows is not usable anymore due to the seller on ebay; “shadowt00” whom did not bubble wrap the parcel properly and therefore arrived as a shattered product. The package was wrapped around with bubble wrap  loosely for 3 palettes together in one without any cello tape to fasten the product properly. I reckon that each palette should be taped and bubble wrapped individually to avoid the palettes from knocking into each other when the parcel is handed roughly. I was not given any replacement nor being compensated when such an item is a limited edition which i would like to collect and not available here in my country.

If you fancy any of the palettes, if i am not mistaken there are still some for sale in ebay.

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