LOREAL Perfect Clean – The Scrublet

The Full Range

It’s finally out here in the land of sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Retailing at RM35.90 (USD$11.20) at Guardian.  In UK, it costs only £4.99. A wee bit expensive for a drugstore cleanser/ exfoliator. Yeah yeah, we do get products a tad bit slower than most countries. The last I heard the nearest availability is in Singapore. The moment i saw the scrublets, i got so excited and started snapping away and left my phone (which i now use when i see the need for moments like this) at the counter after making my payment.

Lucky for me, the sales personnel was honest and kind enough to put my phone aside and passed it back to me the moment i dashed back to get my phone.I have never lost or left anything behind in my entire life. PHEW!…

The Scrublet - Soft Flexible Brush to gently exfoliate while cleansing
Exfoliating - Foaming Gentle Scrub

I bought the exfoliating scrublet. Sometimes i find that the pollution + oily skin + make up clogs up my face that i need this badly.  FYI, my pores are super big. Apparently, this product can do the following as stated on the packaging:

  • Clean Sensation
  • Pores look smaller
  • Velvety smooth skin

Will try out the product the next two weeks and we shall see if my skin obtains the above.


Stay tune for my review on this product. I am super excited to try it later!

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