Loreal Super Liner Review

You know how I only use one eyeliner and it’s on my holy grail list and said I’d never change it until I find one that is of equivalent quality and cheaper? Well, I found it!  Best thing is; cheaper than my usual Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner! And so…. why haven’t I spotted this at our local drugstore? Why? And so the quest to find out begins the moment I came back from my holiday.

I’ve recently went on a short getaway to Bangkok, Thailand for my birthday. Hence, the goodies are from Bangkok, Thailand.  A year older and wiser (pssst, I got inspired to start on a new adventure, something related to  beauty and cosmetics. it’s gonna be a secret while I plan it but trust me, you’ll be the first to know when it happens! It’ll be a while tho’.). I went to Guardian and search the whole Loreal aisle and to my dismay it is placed at unnoticeable corner. I was like ” WHAT!?!”, “SERIOUSLY!?!?”. This stuff’s so good, it should be at eye level man! It’s no wonder I missed this great product! If you like to know what eyeliner this is, scroll down and enjoy the review…

Okay, how did I discover this at Bangkok, Thailand? And so this happens.. Since I am into cosmetics (and a tad bit of fashion, lol) and what not, I am usually spotted in the beauty aisle or cosmetic departments even when I am traveling. Just in case, there’s something worth sharing. If you haven’t already been stalking me, please click here for my clothing/ fashion haul, click here for my cosmetics haul and here for my accessories haul!

For the love of liquid eyeliner, I simply cannot live without it. Seriously, without it, I reckon I look sick. So, on and off I like to check out if there is any other liquid eyeliner that trumps my current liquid eyeliner. Spotted a liquid liner by Loreal and decided to just test it out since a tester was available. The moment I swatched it, I looked at it and went “OMG, this is it!”, looked at the price and immediately put it in my basket! It was the darkest black I’ve seen!

Okay,and since I haven’t seen this around KL (now you know why since you’ve read my intro right?), Malaysia, I decided to put this product to test. Same weather different activity (not working but shopping all day long), face and eyelids still gets oily right? Best time to test it! Woke up the next day, put on the new eyeliner and guess what………………………………………………………





LOVE it like how I love my pink hair! Please click here if you haven’t already seen my awesome pink hair!


I did not experience any stinging sensation in the eye area. Experienced opaque application. I swatched it on the back of my hands, use my fingers and rubbed it hard, the black line did not budge one bit. Is it waterproof? Don’t see anything that states it’s waterproof in English (can’t read no Thai words on the packaging!) Best of all, did not experience any smudging nor a tad bit of black liner transferring onto the lower lash line (that may make anyone look like they got bashed or something).

Packaging & Product

Contains that much of product

Comes in a sleek packaging. To  start the application of the eyeliner, you’ll need to twist the top. The applicator is a felt tip applicator. Please remember to shake the bottle for better results; just so the product is mixed properly for good/ opaque application. It is easy to work with after getting used to it.

No funky smell! Awesome!!!!!! The black is extremely black, intense and shiny. Didn’t notice other colors available. As soon as it passed its test of the very particular Ms twopinkcheeks, I went back to Central World immediately and bought another 2 more and 1 in  carbon gloss from the airport (yet to try coz’ it’s too precious when there’s only one in the ever-expanding cosmetics stash). Just coz’ I was afraid it isn’t available back home; did not notice Carbon at Guardian. Silly me! All the worry for nothin’. The only thing is that the felt tip feels a bit wonky during application or perhaps it could be just me being used to Kiss Me eyeliner that is a brush tip instead.  I need to take control!


Check out the picture of the eyeliner in action! Easy to draw a nice crisp winged line.


For the pricing in THB, please click here for my awesome haul from Bangkok, Thailand. Retailing at our local Guardian Drugstore/ Pharmacy at RM35.90 [USD$11.20].

Place of Purchase

I bought mine from Bangkok as you all know after reading this post. Anyhow, fret not, you can get it from Guardian Drugstore/Pharmacy near you or online.

I work almost 10 hours a day in the hot and humid weather, I’d appreciate an inexpensive good quality eyeliner. And so now, I have found another eyeliner to add to my holy grail list. Don’t worry Kiss Me liquid eyeliner, I won’t forget our friendship for the past few years, I’d still use you.

Would also love to show you an update of my pink hair. It’s all washed out already; looking brown instead. Boy, is it hard to maintain the pink! I am thinking of bleaching it one more round just so I have the brightest pink hair in town. Bahhhh who cares if I make heads turn and car stopping in the midst of the roads right? Life’s short, live it to the fullest! My new motto. Do stay tune and see if my inspiration takes a turn and unravels something exciting. Don’t you just love Bangkok? Every time I go there on a holiday, I am inspired to do/start something! I wanna make sure this follows through coz I foresee it as one of the biggest challenge thus far! Wish me luck!

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  1. This eyeliner become my HG in just one try. I LOVE IT! It’s super black and I’m loving the applicator. I got the one in felt tip liner pen from the same line and it doesn’t stay on throughout the day. I have a oily lid and it smudges to bad, but not with this liner! It is waterproof? Not sure but it does act like one. It has replace my Elianto liquid eyeliner as my most reach out eyeliner now.

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