M.A.C. Glitter & Ice Holiday Collection 2011 Part II


Part II Baby! This collection is the second part of the Glitter & Ice Holiday Collection consisting of pigments, lip glosses and nail lacquers. They all come in a set. I’ve purchased a set of pigments from the MAC Surf Baby Collection and just not a big fan of shimmery pigments. There’s too much fall out when applying and it just gets messy for me. So, this time i did not buy the pigments although i was really tempted to. The colors were just shouting “Buy Me! Buy Me!” but i had to just be strong with my decision.

Pigments in their display rack
Lip glosses & nail lacquers on their display rack

Love Love Love the pink set of lip glosses. 2 reasons i didn’t get it.

  • I don’t wear lip glosses as often as i wear eye make up
  • Pink makes my teeth appear yellow

I’ve tried on pink (regardless of what undertone it is) lipstick and i just don’t look attractive. I have this feeling if i ever went out with that color on my lips and smile for a photo, heads turn and jaws drop. Don’t wanna be in that situation, do you?  Don’t get me wrong on how bad my teeth are. I have really straight teeth (thanks to the braces) but stained due to heavy coffee drinking. Sigh! Gonna get some whitening done so i can smile with pink lipstick on.

Don't they just look so pretty?

Are you getting any from this collection? That’s the last collection for this year! The next one launching internationally, will be next year Jan 2012; MAC Metal-X Cream Eyeshadow Collection (Limited Edition). Looking forward to that!

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