MAC Colorization Haul

Been procrastinating on blogging about this haul. Maybe because i find that there was nothing to shout about as i was quite disappointed with this collection. I bought 3 duo palettes and another one shadow. Don’t ask me why i bought so many when i wasn’t all enthusiastic about the eyeshadows. It’s the colors! They were so pretty and attractive..! I walked straight into the store and looked at the colors and just picked all the colors i like. My haul…


Texture wise, its alright.. Not as blend-able as usual. At one point, one of the colors actually creased at the eye and the color itself made the oil visible on the eyelid and yes i have very oily lids but have yet to encountered this problem. So now you know why i was disappointed with his collection.

These pictures were taken while i was having dinner at this restaurant which i wouldn’t recommend so i wouldn’t bother mentioning at all. I seriously need a camera now. I will swatch it soon but will probably take a while again as there’s nothing much to rave about and wanting to share all the goodness with you. I just purchased the MAC ME OVER collection! Playing around with the colors and yes it is mostly eyeshadows again. Till then, stay tune for the many upcoming swatches!




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