MAYBELLINE: Hypersharp Ultra-Fine Liner

It's on sale!

Yes, the picture says it all. This talk-of-the-town eyeliner is on sale until 21st December 2011 for only RM19.90 (approx USD$6.20) , available only in “Black” color. The usual price is RM23.90 (approx. USD$7.50) at a local drugstore in Bangsar Village I; Caring Pharmacy. There still so many of them left so grab it while you still can. I haven’t tried this eyeliner yet and don’t know if i will coz’ Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyeliner is what i have been using all this while. If it helps, many people have been saying pretty good stuff about it. Just wanted to share this new with those wanting to get it at a discounted price coz’ i reckon it’s a real bargain!

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