Maybelline Superstay Lipstick Review


Yay! It’s the weekend and a review for your viewing pleasure. I wasn’t big on wearing lipstick when I first started with makeup. Simply because the thought of me eating the lipstick during meals and having to re-apply every few hours bothers me. I do wear occasionally when I go to work but I do have the habit of removing the lipstick before meals and reapplying after meals just for safety and health purposes. So, heart skipped a beat when I saw the Maybelline Superstay 24 HR Lipstick during my holiday in London. Haul here. And so, I put it to the test. Below are my observations and review of the product:

Product & Packaging


Oooopss.. plastic packaging thrown away. It’s something you just don’t keep!

Comes in a transparent plastic box packaging. Actual product comes in a long tube form; 1 side with the lip color and the other a lip conditioner. It is sleek; easy to pack into any type of bag/purse and great for traveling. Did not experience any spillage when placed flat in a purse.


The Applicator


The Lip Conditioner

This lip product is a two-step application. First, apply the lip color and let it dry. Once dry, apply the lip conditioner. Prior to the application, I recommend that you exfoliate your lips first otherwise certain colors does enhance your chapped/dry lips.

As you know, my senses are amplified a 100x due to pregnancy. So, I do find the scent overpowering for me. Smells like vanilla and cherries. I prefer unscented. Assorted colors available; matte and other finishes.


The quality is average to good. Staying power is there but is it safe to use in the long run?

I did the following throughout the day:

  • Drank from a cup and did not see any lipstick transfer on the rim of the cup
  • Kissed the back of my hand; did not transfer, pretty sure most boyfriends/ husband / babies are gonna love this product
  • Had lunch; did not see the lipstick vanishing from the lips
  • Brushed teeth after lunch; lip color did not come off with the water
  • Had dinner; a tad bit seems to be gone at the corner of the lips and lower lip
  • Washed face and showered; most of it was still visible!

That’s quite a whole lot of activity huh. Most lip products would have vanished by lunch time. The only thing that comes off easily is the lip conditioner, so that needs re-application every once in a while. I do find the formula of the lipstick a bit dehydrating on the lips, it looks dry and definitely need the lip conditioner to make it look more healthy, shiny and to maintain some moisture.

I had the lipstick on from about 11am to 9.00pm. By the end of the night, the lipstick faded quite a bit on the lower lip and the corners of the mouth. I don’t think this product lasts for 24 hours as it claims unless the lip conditioner is re-applied throughout the day and/or the lip color has to be reapplied twice throughout the day. But, who would wear the lipstick to sleep anyway?


Swatches under running water; color doesn’t budge!

This lipstick can’t be removed with just tissue or water. A lip remover or makeup wipes is needed.



(L-R) Rose Dust Vieux Rose, Peach Cocktail, Prune Plaisir

Unfortunately, I’ve got only 3 colors to show you as these were the only ones I purchased. Alternatively, you can always browse the website for color swatches and availability of colors in your country.

  • Bold Matte 810 Peach Cocktail
  • Bold Matte 830 Prune Plaisir
  • 185 Rose Dust Vieux Rose – Don’t quite like this color. Made me look 20 years older!


Retailing at £8.99. I bought mine on a promotion; Multibuy £8.99 buy 1, 50% off second (*RM42.34)

Place of Purchase

Boots, London.

Overall, I loved that it stayed on throughout my work day and that I don’t feel like I am eating lipstick during meals and no hassle of applying lipstick a few times during the day.

I have yet to see it appear in any of our local drugstores/ pharmacies. And.. you must be wondering why is this weird lady doing a review on a product not yet available in the country right?  It’s for the international readers and for those who happened to be on holiday in London (or other countries who do sell it) and have spotted this product, at least you have this review to help you with your purchase. Sharing is caring right! For those who have seen this product retailing in your country, try giving this product a go. Till then, Toodles!

(*) Denotes a conversion rate from (£) to (RM) based on the rate 4.71 on the day of editing the post under “Cosmetics Haul: London – Various

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