Mineral Make Up – a HELP or HYPE?




Have you heard what mineral make up is about? Looks like many big cosmetics companies are launching their own line of mineral cosmetics. So what do you reckon? Is it a a Help or Hype to you? I have heard so much about such cosmetics in the market and there is a never ending lists of mineral make up brands.

So why is it that many people and professionals of the industry claim that mineral make up makes you pretty and at the same time give you better looking skin as compared to traditional cosmetics? It’s definitely the ingredients! Before we head on to the ingredients, let’s talk about the definitions of “true mineral makeup” and “mineral base makeup”. Sounds like they both just passed off for the same meaning as “mineral cosmetics” right? WRONG! “True mineral make up” usually consists of about 4 to 5 ingredients that are derived of natural components of the earth. This is what you should buy. Other companies that claim their cosmetics to be mineral makeup, turn to their ingredient list and if more than 5 ingredients involved, it is probably just a “mineral based makeup” which simply means the cosmetics contains the basic mineral ingredients added with other ingredients that may be harmful to the skin.

So what are the harmful ingredients that we should look out for?

BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE! Basically, it is just an ingredient that is cheaper in costs for manufacturers to add into their cosmetics for maximum profit from us make up junkies. It can CLOG your pores and may get skin irritation. Do you want that? DEFINITELY NOT..! So why not try out mineral cosmetics that can do the following for your skin:

  • Does not clog your pores
  • Makes your skin better
  • Can be used after any drastic chemical peels/ laser
  • Protects the skin from the sun (natural ingredients used can act as a sunscreen but of course don’t depend on that for actual sunscreen coverage)
  • Does not feel cakey
  • Great for sensitive skin
But the  again, you’ll start to think that for all the goodness contained in mineral cosmetics, what’s the price like? Who cares about the price! For your skin and face, should a mineral cosmetic cost a tad bit more than traditional make up, i’ll definitely pay the price. No amount/ price can bring back a good looking skin once it’s spoilt/ damaged. Women, our skin is priceless. to conclude, IT IS A HELP!

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