My Weekly Hair Routine – For Damaged Hair

When your hair is as gold or brown as Goldilocks, serious weekly routines in preventing your locks from looking like dried hay is much needed. Since i have long hair and dyed hair, i don’t go to hair salons to do all the fancy-schmancy hair treatments. Most of the time, the “juniors” at hair salons are the ones who usually applies on the hair treatment for you. So really, i don’t think they know what they are doing. I might as well do it myself right? I think i can pass of as a “junior” at home.  The only difference is the fancy hair steamer that rotates on top of your head where the heat allows for the hair treatment to fully penetrate in.

Hair steamer, differs in every salon

A hair treatment can cost from RM150- RM280 onwards for my hair length and also depending on the location of the hair salon. So since i know where to get hair products, i choose to do it myself. With RM150, i can get a bottle of hair treatment that can last me from 3 to 5 treatments depending on the volume of the product.

My weekly hair routine includes a hair mask mixed into together with an ampoule for colored hair. You will need the following products:

  1. Mixing Bowl
  2. Shower Cap
  3. Plastic Hair Clip
  4. Plastic Spatula
  5. JOICO K-PAK Reconstruct Deep -Penetrating Reconstructor for damaged hair (you will need 50ml), Approx RM60 as it varies at diff retailing outlets
  1. LOREAL Powerdose Color Ampoule (1/2 a bottle), Approx RM20 per ampoule as it varies at diff retailing outlets
LOREAL Powerdose Ampoule

Once all products are in the mixing bowl, i use the plastic spatula to stir all the products together. Then, i use my bare hands and rub in the treatment and massaging it into the hair gently for about 5-10mins.  Use the hair clip and clip the hair up and put on the shower cap. This allows for the treatment to slowly absorb into the hair. The shower cap is used to replace the hair steamer to prevent from the treatment dripping all over the place. Leave on for about 45-60 mins and rinse off with cold water. I leave it on pretty long while i browse the internet or watch the TV. Time passes by really fast! After all that, you will notice that your hair is smoother with more moisture lock into your hair and it smells great! I do this hair mask and ampoule treatment 3 times a week. Each treatment only cost you about RM30 as compared to a salon hair treatment of the same hair products at a minimum expenditure from RM150 and above.

Another treatment that i do is the scalp treatment. People usually forget about the scalp which is equally as important as the hair! You will need the following:

  1. NIOXIN Scalp therapy  for normal to thin looking (usually for chemical treated hair) – Approx RM105 for 300ml  bottle as it varies at diff retailing outlets
NIOXIN Scalp Treatment
You will only need about 30ml, a dollop on your palm and apply bit by bit onto the scalp. The moment you apply the treatment, you find that the minty-ness of the product feels icy and cold on the scalp! Massage in circular motions for about 5-10mins and rinse with cold water. It only costs about RM10.50 per treatment!  I do this treatment once a week.
Lastly, every morning and night, i apply DOVE Damage Therapy Intense Repair Overnight Treatment on my hair. Available at any local drugstore eg Guardian. Will update you on the pricing soonest possible as i don’t rmb how much i paid for it. Try out my hair routine! It works great on me and now i have manageable, soft and silky hair… Alas, my comb has no difficulty gliding through my locks.
You can achieve salon looking hair in the most inexpensive way at home.

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