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Nucerity Body Silk Malaysia


Looks like any other moisturizer or serum that you can get anywhere in the mall and/or pharmacy. Packaging isn’t the best. Find out below why I changed my mind in 5 seconds about the product.


Nucerity Body Silk is an all-in-one hydrating treatment that comes in a serum form. Can be used for the following:

  • Extremely dry skin
  • Frizzy hair
  • Hair flyaways

Comes in a 50ml (1.7fl oz) plastic pump bottle. For extremely dry skin, you may apply immediately after shower, while the skin is still moist for best results.  If you have frizzy hair or flyaways, you may apply onto wet or dry hair.

I know this will be an amazing product for expecting mothers to apply onto the stomach. As the stomach is expanding and skin stretching, this will be great to soothe the itchiness.  And if you would like to avoid and reduce the stretch marks, then Skincerity is a better option. If only this product was introduced to me when I was expecting. Back then, I used the overated Bio-Oil and broke out in rashes.

Product is HALAL. Certificate below:

Nucerity Halal Certificate



The product is botanically enriched with Vitamin A, E and Argan Oil that helps with dryness of the skin and hair breakage. Does not contain any harsh chemicals. Product of the USA.
For full ingredient list, please click here.


RM200.00 per bottle


This product is not available in any shopping mall or beauty outlets. You can get it online at

PROMOTION is exclusively only for readers:


To obtain the promotion, simply copy and paste the product code onto the order form (excluding the arrows):


*Valid until 31st August 2015

Yes, I do recommend to purchase from this website. Their service is efficient And no, I did not receive this product for free to write this review. I merely had one pump of the product to sample it. You may ask for a free demo to sample the products.

Best All Over Moisturizer


I was very reluctant to try this product when given the chance to sample it. The thought of it “just being another moisturizer” was already planted in that stubborn head of mine. It has been many years since I have diligently applied any form of moisturizer onto my body or face especially in this hot and humid country. Somehow rather, I dislike that discomfort of stickiness after any application of a moisturizer. So why bother right?


After a while, I just decided to put my “just-try-on-for-the-sake-of-trying-lah” mode on since I’m one who likes to write about beauty products. And after trying, I was like “WOW!”. The serum absorbed into my skin and did not experience the aftermath of what a normal moisturizer would do. I did not feel any any stickiness at all. No funny smell that might clash with my perfume. I liked the product right on the spot!

Nucerity Body Silk is now part of my everyday regime. I apply it everynight onto my legs (that almost passed as crocodile skin) and damp hair before I blowdry it. In the mornings, I would apply one pump onto the ends of my hair before using a curler or a hair straightener. Keeps my hair protected and to avoid more split ends.

I now have silky smooth legs and tame looking hair… Awesome!

Being a beauty blogger you would think one would test and try out all sorts of beauty products. But sometimes, you would come to a point and just conclude certain things about a product immediately. Simply because the market is too saturated with beauty products of the same type.

Note To Self: #MORALOFTHESTORY. Just try everything!


Product: Nucerity Body SilkNucerity Body Silk

Price: RM200.00




Have you tried this product before? Do share on your experience and what you thought of it in the comment section below. I would love to hear all about it. I have also tried their best-selling product; Skincerity. Please click here for my review.

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