We’ve heard about pedicures and how it has became a staple routine for us females around the world. But often, women get pedicures for the intention of purely to beautify their toenails with pretty colors and nail art that sometimes looks too “gawdy” that when you are chatting with someone who has such nails, you are actually looking at their toes as sometimes it is just too distracting. Don’t get me wrong about the whole nail art scene, i feel that moderation in anything is always the best.

Do you want nice looking feet like this?

And when pedicure is being done just to beautify your feet; Ladies, it’s time to change your purpose for getting a pedicure! Pedicures means obtaining a healthy and clean looking feet. It  also improves on blood circulation and prevents any nail disorders. Imagine wearing high heels all day or  wearing some 5 inch Louboutins while shopping especially in our humid weather? What is the damage done? CRACKED HEELS & SWEATY FEET that may lead to dirt being caught in between cracked heels causing pain at some point or getting fungus on the nail bed with the feet being trapped with sweat in your shoes? Urgh..! This is the reason why you need a pedicure every 2 to 4 weeks!

Relaxing and helps with blood circulation

Pedicures are so common nowadays. You can easily find a nail salon in a shopping mall or in every corner of a suburb. Among the many salons overcrowding every suburb, you should really go for a salon that prioritize hygiene and is very thorough with the whole process. A classic pedicure should include the following:

  • Shaping of the nails ( i find that square nails shaves the age of you!)
  • Cleaning & Moisturizing the cuticles (most important step of the whole process i reckon, thus the clean look)
  • Exfoliation with a pumice stone to remove dead skin on heels
  • Foot Massage ( up until a little below the knee) – better blood circulation!
  • And of course the final touch, color and optional nail art
Classic single color
Classic French polish
Optional Nail Art

If you are opting for what is usually called an express pedicure (usually a change of color), please opt for a real pedicure! Your feet will thank you for that. Trust me! If you’re unsure, just walk into a nail salon and get them to recommend what includes all of the above. Oh, and please make sure  that the salon sterilizes the implements before proceeding with your service. Just to avoid any transmission of diseases. After a good pedicure, your feet will look great and healthy in any type of shoes!

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