Pink Clothes

Pink Shoes from Zara

Pink Accessories and Pink jeans in the background

Pink Brows!? *Really!?!*

Pink Ombre Hair with Pink Lips

Neon Pink Nails

Fushcia Pink Nails





Brighter Pink Dip Dyed/ Ombre Hair

If you are going, “woah! what the heck!?”. Well, the previous pink color faded (the pic seen above was the first time it was colored pink, loved it!) so I decided to re-dye it and made sure it is even more pink!!! It is still ombre looking, the two tones above are dark brown and blond which I maintained and did the ends on my own. Yes, I did this at home and was super fun and easy. If anyone would like to know how I did my pink dip-dyed hair, please feel free to let me know! Some of the pictures were taken from Instagram so no I didn’t over edit them to look like this.

So…. now you know how much I love pink!

I wonder how long am I going to be excited with pink. Fav color used to be purple and hated pink. Yes, I am weird. *giggles*. Stay tune for my upcoming reviews and tutorials.

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way.

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    1. I bought a tube of ready-to-dye (means that we don’t have to do any mixing of hair chemicals like those hair pros do at the salon)fuchsia hair dye and and rub it into the ends that had the faded pink color which I had previously. Left it on for 40 mins and rinsed it off and got the results as seen in the pic.

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