So, it’s been a month since I’ve announced that I’m expecting; the stomach has grown into a lil bump which makes it impossible to fit into any of my current clothes now. I’ve been wearing just that few pieces which I bought a bigger size pre-pregnancy.

And so, I’ve decided to go on a shopping spree for my new figure. And guess what! I can’t seem to find any maternity clothes that are appealing/ work appropriate/ trendy and yet comfy at the same time. My body only likes cotton material at the moment. Now you know why the lack of OOTD posts! Very few maternity shops around and even if there is a shop, the range that they have is just so devastating. Been to H&M Maternity & Mothercare but no luck!  I’ve even resorted to trying clothing that are bigger in size from H&M, Forever 21 and it somehow doesn’t fit nicely with that tiny lil bump. Tried browsing online but afraid that it’s not comfy enough. Already exhausted looking for clothes!

Is it just me that I can’t seem to find any maternity clothes in Malaysia? I desperately need some recommendations. Do let me know in the comments below. I really do appreciate it. Till then, Toodles!


Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way. 

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