RANDOM RANT #15 – My Pregnancy So Far

Hello, Hello! I’m in my last trimester so I’d thought I’d share some of my experiences throughout the pregnancy. I’m 34 weeks now and hooooboy time flies! 6 more weeks to the estimated due date (EDD) and meeting the lil’ one. Anxious to see who he looks like and nervous as heck with the whole labour process!



Morning Sickness: I’m lucky that I did not throw up at all. Experienced nausea occasionally. Ate quite a bit of gummy bear lollies to ease the nausea.

Food Aversion: I used to love asian food (esp Thai!) and refused to eat anything western like sandwiches and pastas. It’s the total opposite for now. I get nauseated with any garlicky smell especially raw chopped garlic and typical Chinese cooking food smell.

Food Cravings: Banana Leaf Rice, Roti Kosong, Sandwiches

Work: Yes, I worked as usual and took short naps in between.

Others: Constant short of breath, fatigue, did not experience any breakout on the face from the hormone changes.


Food Aversions: Anything garlicky especially raw chopped garlic and typical Chinese cooking food smell.

Food Cravings: Durians (I don’t eat durians!), dessert eg cakes and chocolates, sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, Ceasar salad, Coke, pancakes, chocolate crepes, famous amos chocolate chip cookies

Work: I work a full day with no naps in between. 


  • Mood: Considerably bad mood swings
  • Stretch Marks: I was rejoicing too early thinking I ain’t gonna have no stretch marks at 28 weeks. Come 30 weeks, the stretch marks have started to appear despite me diligently  applying Bio-oil and Palmers cream twice a day. I was devastated and have started to accept the fact that I’m gonna be having stretch marks.
  • Traveling: Best time to travel! Had the most energy at this stage and even went on a holiday on my own. Depended on a lot of help with carrying both hand carry and check in baggage. Some were nice to help and some were just a PITA (pain in the ass). There should me a mandatory international law to help pregnant women, children and senior citizens!

Food Aversions: Anything garlicky especially raw chopped garlic and typical Chinese cooking food smell.

Food Cravings: Chocolates, red velvet cake, green tea ice-cream, green tea cakes, toast bread with butter, subway chocolate chip cookies (its da bomb!), risotto, noodle soup, ramen, sushi (without any raw fish of coz!) and salmon belly sashimi (craving for it but can’t have it, bummer!)

Work: I work as usual; long hours I must say and I still feel fine.  I minimize on carrying heavy objects/ stuffs and really depended on a lot of help around me. After work, I still take pictures of products and the whole shebang thing to share reviews and tutorials with you. So yeah, no naps in between.

  • Hormone Changes: Yes. I perspire alot. Its annoying! Underarm area became darker. I had a belly piercing which has been removed a while back; the pierced hole became darker. Loads of hair growth in the tummy area!
  • Exercise: I’ve always been busy with work and hence no time for any exercise at all. But, my OB/GYN recommended swimming just so labour might be a little bit easier. I now create time for swimming even if I don’t have time for swimming. I swim at least 2-3 times a week, 20-30 laps. So proud of myself! (*pats shoulder)
  • Cosmetics/ Beauty Products: I still diligently apply makeup everyday. It makes me feel sane and more confident. IMO, you don’t have to let go of yourself, dress shabbily and look pale during pregnancy. The only thing  is that I am more careful about the usage of new skin care products as pregnant women tend to have more sensitive skin. I’ve had a series of rashes breaking out on certain parts of my body especially when I use Bio oil so I have to switch between 2 products when the rash comes about.
  • Shoe Size: I don’t think I have gone up a size yet. I’ve only worn fitflops throughout the pregnancy. I really don’t fancy the look of fitflops but because it is flat, comfy, suitable for pregnant women and good for back posture; I’ve decided to forgo all my fancy shoes and heels. I’ve also been sleeping on my left side. Apparently sleeping on the left side is better and reduces swollen feet. Let’s hope mine doesn’t swell up. Fingers crossed.
  • Lifestyle: Yes it has changed. I don’t go out much especially at night. I try to avoid crowded places, smoky and drinking areas.  I’d rather stay at home and eat a tub of ice cream (although most likely not recommended by most OB/GYN).
  • Weight: I’ve been asked alot on this topic. So far, I’ve put on 12kgs.
  • Do drink alot of water and eat alot of fruits and veges
  • Drink milk for that calcium intake
  • Don’t forget to take the recommended supplements given by your OB/GYN
  • Cut down on sugar/ sweets intake
  • Exercise, exercise & exercise…
  • Enjoy the pregnancy!

**I’m not a professional in anyway. These tips are based on my experiences and what helped me the most.

These are my experiences for now. What are yours? Do share. I’ll be sure to share with you my labour experience. Till then, toodles!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way.

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