RANDOM RANT #16 – So Long, Farewell..



Year 2013 has definitely gone by in a flash. It’s time to bid year 2013 a farewell and say hello to year 2014. It has been a roller coaster year for me; experiencing the good and the bad. However, I’m thankful that I’ve had a great pregnancy and a healthy baby boy who loves to cuddle and sleep by my side. I’m sure that the new year has good things in place for all. For new year’s eve, I’ll be enjoying the company of my other half and lil bub, dining at home, napping, changing diapers, pumping milk, breastfeeding (apologize if this is TMI *lol*) and most probably counting down to year 2014 in my sleep. This is the life of a mother. Anyway, have a wonderful celebration y’all and most importantly be safe and sound. Till then, Toodles!

 Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way.

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