RANDOM RANT #19 – Baby’s Passport Application in Kuala Lumpur

Now that was easy breezy! I thought getting a baby’s passport was just gonna be a nightmare. My lil’ bub was a trooper throughout the process. He was calm and happy.

You will need the following:

  1. Mother’s I/C – 1 photocopy. Never cross out the photocopy. You will need to give them just the photocopy, back and front.
  2. Baby’s Birthcert – Original and 1 photocopy
  3. Baby’s Photo Passport size with white background – You can do it at the immigration itself. They will have shops to do so. I was charged RM10 for 4 photos
  4. Baby – Baby MUST be present at the time of application and collection
  5. Cash – They only accept payment in cash
  6. The Father/Other half – To chauffeur the mother and baby around

Total hours spent: 1.5 hours. Wasn’t that fast!? Impressed.

Location: Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur

Passport Options:

  • 2 yrs: RM80
  • 5 yrs: RM150

Of course I took 5 years. Saves the hassle and cheaper than getting a 2 year passport. Looks like my lil’ bub might just be a jet-setter!

While I was waiting for my number to be called for the passport collection, a little boy (approx. 4-5 years old) came up to my lil precious bub to what seem like he was trying to make friends. But heck no, the lil’ boy straight up smacked my baby and I got all defensive, covered my boy’s face and told the kid off nicely to stop him from smacking my baby further. And all his father did was to pull him away and apologized on his behalf. He did not bother to teach his kid that it was wrong to do so. That little kid continued doing that to another kid nearby and made him cry and yes the father did nothing again. I was furious the whole day ranting at my husband in utter disgust at how this parent did nothing to teach his son proper manners.

Question of the day: What would you do in such situation?

Till then, Toodles!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way. 

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