RANDOM RANT #6 – New Year Resolutions 2013


So, it’s December; the time of the year where everyone’s anticipating the holidays and awaiting to usher in the new year. I’m one of em’ coz I’ll be in Bangkok celebrating! How awesome is that!? It’s also the time where everyone seats down and jot down their new year resolutions.

Well, for year 2013, there ain’t gonna be any new resolutions for me. I’ve had 6 resolutions last year that I wanted to achieve. Did I? Let’s take  walk through, shall we?

My New Year Resolution for YR 2012:

  1. Learn to read & write in Mandarin (I know the basics, but would love to blog in mandarin and read the chinese newspaper? lol) – Didn’t even get down to researching the best tuition centre!
  2. Travel with family & husband – Europe, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia and everywhere else around the globe – Was supposed to travel to USA and come home with the largest beauty haul ever was postponed due to work. I just couldn’t find 3 weeks for a stress/ worry free vacation. How sad and even more stressful!
  3. Start biz #3 – still doing research ( I like to make sure it is the best that i do and not just some sloppy stuff, for now it is still  a secret) – Still researching and taking my super own sweet time. I’m waiting for the right time and idea to kick off! In the land of soul-searching trying to create a formula that leads to financial freedom and yet make time for myself.
  4. Have some “ME” time – Gym & time where I can sit by the pool in the evening and just stare into space – Canceled gym membership and gained weight that I decided time for some Insanity Workout which I still haven’t got to it YET. Pfffttttt.
  5. Lose the weight and fats I have gained since getting married, that’s approx 7kg (Yes, i wanna be a size 6 again to look good and feel good about myself!) – Not even there! Not that I’m vain or anything, just need to get down to it mainly for health reasons and to look good at the same time. I kinda’ wanna live till 80+ and meet my great-grandkids.
  6. Hire an assistant manager/ PA whom is reliable & trustworthy – Yeah I did. But.. I often worry alot if everything is running smoothly and if things are done accordingly.

And now that the year is ending, I have achieved nothing. So, I’ve figured for year 2013, I ain’t gonna set any new year resolutions/ goals. I’m gonna live life to the fullest. Take everyday as it is and be happy. But, trust me if anything spectacular is achieved, I’ll be darn sure to dedicate a post to it.  So, did you achieve your new year resolutions set out last year and what are your new year resolutions this year? Till then, Toodles!

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