REVIEW: Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

Why did I get a crappy looking “NEW” bronzer? Didn’t realize it otherwise I would have asked for a new cover!

Everything I dislike to use is now my favorite. Talk about growing up. Looks like I have gone from an adolescent makeup junkie to an adult makeup junkie. Like how when you were younger you’d probably dislike bittergourd and as you age, you’d most probably grow into loving bittergourd. Great example? No? Yes?

And so….. I am talking about bronzers. Yes, bronzers. An average Malaysian/ Asian female typically likes to be fair and hence the reason why only whitening products are available in Asia. So when it comes to bronzers, not many females out here fancy them. Most like pale looks instead of that sun-kissed complexion. Don’t get me wrong, not that I like to look pale just that I was never  great with bronzers. I only knew how to use it to contour my fat cheeks and even when I did it, it looked like I had some brown stuff on my face. Of course, then I didn’t have good tools for good blending and didn’t explore bronzers much. And now that I know what to look for in a bronzer and how to have sun-kissed skin with a fabulous sculpted face, bronzers is a must-have  in my daily make up routine.

Have you all heard about the Benefit Hoola Bronzer?! Ohhhhh!!! I am so in love with this product. It is my go-to bronzer now and never did I regret opening my heart out to try this bronzer. One woman can never have enough bronzers huh? Have to say;  the best move ever made!  The Hoola Bronzer comes in a square carton material box holding 110grams of goodness. The packaging is average I would say coz’ I usually prefer a plastic packaging for any product just so that if my clumsy self drips water onto the packaging it doesn’t go ugly on me (like how the cover looks now when I first got it). And plus, I love the sound of the clasp of a plastic packaging.LOL. By the way, the packaging is a tad bit different from the reviews seen.  The cover is not attached to the box. It’s hard to explain. The texture and application feels ohhhh so smooth and silky. The product just glides onto your skin. It only comes in one color which compliments most skin tones. You know what I love most about this bronzer? IT IS A MATTE FINISH! I guess this must be the reason why I didn’t like using bronzers other than not knowing how to blend it in with the right tools. I have SUPER large pores. No kidding! Even my husband, a very typical man who-doesn’t-notice-anything-new-about-me-even-with-a-new-haircut husband spots the VERY LARGE pores! So any shimmer products definitely don’t do me no justice!

I promise to get better lighting!
Comes with a brush!

And then there comes the scent. Does anyone agree with me that a scent in a product is very important? It doesn’t have to smell good or anything like that. I rather it be scentless than have a funky smell to it. Smell ignites senses. Either the scent makes you love it of loathe it. In this case, it is scentless. Hooray! I don’t know about everyone else, but when I apply it on, I smell nothing so to me it scentless. So, how much does this cost? And can you believe it? I forgot to keep the receipt so the price is based on my-not-so-great memory approx. RM129. Available for online purchase in the USA at their official website at USD$28.00. Yeah, I do think it is expensive but it is worth investing IMO. Available at all local Benefit counters in Malaysia. I purchased mine from Sunway Pyramid Mall, Malaysia. Looks like I frequent Sunway pyramid alot huh. For the rest of the world, please click here; shipping may be available to your country. Oh well, I prefer convenience. Another product that I am looking into purchasing is their top-selling product; POREfessional. Apparently, it minimizes pores which is perfect for me! Has anyone tried it yet? Please do share! Till then, toodles!

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  1. Hi! Do you have are suggestions for a dupe of this bronzer? Or any other good affordable bronzers 🙂 Thanks!

    -Julia, KL

    1. Hello,

      Our drugstores don’t carry any bronzers (have yet to see any). The only inexpensive brand I can think of is “ESSENCE” cosmetics. I’ve seen it retailing at Parkson, Sunway Pyramid. I am not sure if they have any dupes for the hoola bronzer. Alternatively, you can just buy a drugstore compact powder foundation in a darker shade and use it as a bronzer. Hope that helps!


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