REVIEW: Kiss Me Cosmetics Coloring Eyebrow Gel

As you all know, I have recently gone ombre with my hair with my roots being blonde at the top that totally changes the overall me. I meet alot of different people everyday and some even on a fortnightly or monthly basis and it’s astonishing; most people can’t recognize me!! Holy Moly can you believe that!?!? And guess what! I have mismatched color eyebrows since the hair color change; reddish dark brown eyebrows. So if you have a good imagination, how awful do i look!? Reddish dark brown with blonde hair? I mean come on.. seriously? What am I thinking right?

My eyebrows are semi-permanent  dark brown which means I had embroidery done. I’ve had it for the past 13 years based on my very first dyed hair color. Obviously it was dark brown. Every year I do a touch up and when it fades, it turns to a reddish-brown. Common sense,when you go dark you can’t go blond or light brown right? It’s kinda’ like having tattoos. So the only solution I could think of as a temporary fix was colored brow gels! I mean of coz’ with embroidery the base of the eyebrow is already reddish brow and nothing in the world can cover that.  But, I have to say with the brow gel being blond helps a bit. It does lighten the overall look of the eyebrow color.

Kiss Me cosmetics is available at SASA and Watsons, Malaysia. Retailling at RM39.90 [USD$12.50]. Got it in the color 03 Ash Brown.  It does exactly what the packaging says; lighten your eyebrows to suit your hair color. It looks like any other mascara packaging in a tube form with a brush application. Contains 8 grams which I presume it should last you for about 12 to 18 months on a daily basis?

Application is easy. Apply from the inner corner, moving the brush along the eyebrows in a combing motion towards the outer end. No funky smell during application! I wear this throughout my work for about 10 hours and it’s still there when I get home. Doesn’t smudge and bleed onto the skin despite me having a really oily face. So, it is long-lasting which is really what I need in my daily life. Keeps stray hairs in check.

Ahem, excuse the unkempt eyebrows. Yes, they do need trimming and plucking!

As stated on their packaging that it contains an ingredient called Panthenol; an eyelash-protecting ingredient. Just to elaborate on the ingredient itself, it is a water-soluble vitamin which makes it for easy removal as well. Made in Japan. Overall, it is an affordable product that is great for use when you have had undergone a huge color difference in hair which may just be a phase that colored eyebrow gel is needed to match the hair color. Any other recommendations for color brow gels?

Have you bought anything from Kiss Me Cosmetics recently? If you did, do share! Till then, toodles!

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