REVIEW: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner

OMG! I can’t believe how much I have been raving about this liquid eyeliner and have yet to review this for you. This is my go-to eyeliner and have yet to find any other eyeliner as good as this. Either it is way too expensive and does not do wonders for me or it is inexpensive and smudges on me. Trust me, I have tried various brands and type of eyeliners be it gel, liquid, you name it; low-end to high-end, they all either smudge on me or just fades throughout the day. So, for now, Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner is my BFF.

Product & Packaging:

I like it how it comes in a sleek packaging like a pen. Easy to carry around or just pop it into your purse or makeup bag; perfect for traveling! Best of all, it is very light. I have tons of things I carry around in my bag, definitely appreciate a light liquid liner just in case any touch up is needed!


It is the most affordable liquid eyeliner that I know of. Retailing at USD$15.60 [RM49.90]  at SASA (Malaysia) and Watson Drugstore (Malaysia). If it is on sale, it is usually 10%-20%. So, I’d wait for the sale. I usually stock up every time I see it on sale.


The intensity seen is from drawing the line twice 

Brush tip enables you to draw a thick or thin line

The product is super long-lasting. I apply my eyeliner at around 9.30am everyday without fail and go to work up until 8.30pm, the eyeliner is still intact without any smudging in the crease or disappearing! Product of Japan. The color is intense black that when you draw it onto the lid, you just need to do it once/ twice. I like it really black so I usually go over the lines twice. There is only one color available; Black. You can create any look with this liquid liner; winged or doe line. There is no scent noticed during usage. Easy removal with any eye make up remover or just warm water. I have used about 20 of these liquid eyeliners and still counting. It is that great. I have never raved so much about a product before so this product is definitely a “YAY!” and highly recommended. Available in SASA and Watson, Malaysia.

Will I buy it again?:

Yes, Yes & Yes.

Is this eyeliner available in your country? Please do share the location to purchase just in case someone would like to try it! Till then, toodles!

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