REVIEW: Lime Crime Uniliners – Rhyme & Reason (Limited Edition)


Hello muh’ lovelies! Here’s a review and I do hope you are enjoying my reviews as much as I enjoy reviewing em’. My shopping experience with Lime Crime was average-ly good, from the point of navigating around the website, making payment and receiving the end product. I received the product with no breakage however one of the uniliners had a funky looking brush. I tweeted and Lime Crime responded immediately (wasn’t expecting that) but to my dismay I never gotten a replacement for the faulty product even after I e-mailed them. Was disappointed so I’m just gonna figure a way to use that particular uniliner.


Product & Packaging


Message on the box


The entire box and its’ packaging. I’m beginning to like lilac now

Thumbs up for the outer packaging and the product packaging itself. Lime Crime stated that it is limited edition and so I immediately purchase when they had a preview of the product and countdown to the release of the product which was a few months ago. But, up until it is still available for purchase. Out of curiosity, how limited is limited edition? It was that word “limited edition” that made me had super fast heartbeats and went on an impulse purchase thinking; “hey I’m one of the many few who has the limited edition of Rhyme and Reason. Awesome!”.  And now it is even sold individually where at that time I had to purchase both together. I could have taken my own sweet time to purchase these uniliners.

Love the intricate design on the cap. Build-able opacity and dries within a few seconds. Does not smudge on a daily work basis for me; which is an approx of 9 hours wear. Easily removed with eye makeup remover; the HG eye make up that I use. Please click here for my review on the eye makeup remover. It is that great that it’s worth checking the review out.


Uniliners and their intricate design on the caps


Comparison between products for you to have a clearer view of how much product and/or how big the uniliners are


Individual box packaging for uniliners



Made and manufactured in USA. Vegan and animal cruelty free! I’d say the quality is medium to good based on its durability and no stinging effect experienced during application. I’ve had tried eyeliners that upon application, I immediately feel this stinging/ burning effect. Horrid! Smudge proof but not completely water proof. Quality of the brush (provided you don’t get a funky one like mine) is great, considering I’m able to have a full control of the brush to draw a perfect winged liner and the thickness of it.


You will need a decent of amount for great opacity. I usually give it a good 2 layers allowing 1 layer to dry first followed by the second layer. The difference in opacity is seen below:


One layer


Two layers

There are 7 other colors available. They look really pretty but I’m not sure


USD$24.99 for two uniliners. This came in a set at the time of purchase. The uniliners are now available for purchase individually, retailing at USD$13.99. I find it quite expensive (due to currency conversion) considering the amount of product.

Place of Purchase

You may purchase from their official website and/or stockists seen on their site. International shipping is available at an affordable price. Shipping to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is approx. USD$5.95. Shipping rates are of course different for every country and /or state so be sure to check out the rates first.

Overall, I had a pleasant shopping experience with Lime Crime. They do respond to tweets fast however I did not receive a replacement product as mentioned. No biggie, no fuss. I’m thinking of snipping of the brush off and hopefully still able to get some good usage out of it.


The funky brush

I am still looking forward to try their eyeshadow palettes out but if the same thing happens to me again, I won’t be too happy. I seem to have a low tolerance level for anything lately. This is just my experience and personal opinion so don’t let this stop you from trying out their products. For now, I’m just gonna add those eyeshadow palettes to my wish list.

Do stay tune for another upcoming Valentines tutorial. Till then, Toodles!

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise. Nevertheless, I will provide my honest opinions even if the products were provided for consideration. I am picky and particular in that way. 

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