REVIEW: Loreal Super Liner

If you have stumbled upon my “Holy Grail” page, it is stated right there that I will never change the liquid eye liner that I am currently using; Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner. Despite that, I am open to trying new products in an event I may find something of equivalent quality to the eyeliner I am currently using at a lower price. The fun part of make up is to purchase something really good at an affordable price. So far, no liquid eyeliner has taken over the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner.

I purchased this product at our local drugstore in Malaysia, Guardian. I do like to pop by every now and then to check out if any new products are available and spotted the Loreal Super Liner. I don’t see it anywhere on their official website so I am assuming it is only prolly available in Asia. If anyone has seen this around in other countries, do share!  I find their website a little hard to navigate around (coming from a Multimedia grad..LOL) to obtain information.

The Felt Tip
Swatch - Close Up


Not that great. Something my dad always say; “Nothing to write home to mama about”.


It is a felt tip liquid eyeliner that is non-waterproof. Was not stated anywhere on the packaging otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. Trust me, I looked hard for the words “WATERPROOF”. I didn’t realize that it is non-waterproof until I did eyebrow threading and my tears were just flooding my eyes and I had to wipe it when I was done and to my horror, the eyeliner was all on the tissue from my constant dabbing and liner was gone (a slightly dark stained line was visible). I looked as if someone dumped me and cried horribly. Smeared very easily. There’s this funny scent to it, almost like what you get from those marker pens. Hmmm… not a big fan of such scent.


USD$11.20 [RM35.90]. I find it a little expensive due to the product not being waterproof. I rather pay more for a product that lasts longer. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner costs USD$15.60 [RM49.90] where most of the time it is on 10% off (or more depending on sales season). So, normally I would pay USD14.00 [RM44.90]after the discount.

Will i buy it again:


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