REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay Under Eye Concealer SPF15

Boo Hoo Hoo!!! Woke up today with a sad feeling. Why? Coz I ain’t at IMATS, LA 2012!! The biggest IMATS ever. Oh well, definitely got to make a trip there next year. For now, I’ll just sulk about it and a product review for you!


I find that this product is rather thick in terms of its texture wise. Not as creamy and easy to blend/ glide onto the skin. After the application, my skin looks somehow flaky and not hydrated enough. My skin is already dry as it is (despite the tons of serum and moisturizers applied daily without fail!) . Don’t need no drama on my face! Most would say, maybe it’s the dry skin I have but when compared to other eye concealer products, I didn’t experience the flakiness. I guess this product just didn’t work for me. But, don’t get me wrong! Doesn’t mean that it didn’t work me, it won’t work for you! BTW, I still use it occasionally. I am that sorta person I gotta finish a product by hook or by crook. There are many people whom are deprived of such products, so I ain’t gonna waste no product on behalf of those who don’t get to enjoy such products!

Product & Packaging

It comes in a tube/ slim pen form with a mechanism where you have to twist to obtain the product. I find that at times when I twist there is no product coming out and me being impatient keeps on twisting until a ton of product comes out resulting in an exposed wastage of product; your under eyes only needs very little product so can’t use all the product that came out. To me, once a product hits air, it is open to contamination and all  sorts of bacteria. Therefore, I find it hard to have any control over the product usage and maintain hygiene. Contains 0.04 FL OZ (1.18 mL) . Available in a few shades but have yet to spot it in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia or maybe it is in a different packaging which I did not notice. It contains SPF15 which is great for the country I live in. We don’t want no pigmentation, do we? As stated on their packaging, it contains Titanium Dioxide which of coz’ it’s an ingredient that won’t harm your skin. The packaging is simple and clean-looking.


Got the color  in “Light”

The coverage seen/ observed is light to medium. It does somehow conceals my under eye dark circles. To fully conceal, I apply a color corrector first followed by the concealer.


Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer SPF 15 – “Light”:  THB 310.00 (RM31/ approx. USD$10). Purchased it from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand.  I’d say it is rather steep after conversion considering it is a drugstore product. If you compare a dollar to a dollar, it is rather expensive IMO. If it is RM10.00 then I’d say it is an inexpensive drugstore product.

For my haul from BKK, please click here for further info.

Will I buy again?

Nope, coz’ I have to admit I found something rather interesting today which I kinda have a feeling it’s gonna be my go-to concealer! Unfortunately, when I was about to purchase it, beauty advisor informs me “OUT OF STOCK”. *sigh*… So I am just gonna patiently wait till it is available again. Once I get it, I will test and try it out and let you know if my feelings were right bout it being my go-to concealer. If anyone spots this product in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, do share as there may be some who would like to try it out!

Oh and guess what!!!! I’ve recently changed my hair color; still ombre with a touch of pink. Curious to see how it turned out, please click here. There will be some posts where you’ll notice pictures of me in my previous hair color, it just means I took the photos earlier on and was already working on a post. I don’t always change my hair color unless the roots are really showing.

Till then, toodles!

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