REVIEW: Sephora Pret-a-Porter Palette – Limited Edition

** Warning: EXTREMELY Picture Heavy!

Product & Packaging

Front View 

Love this palette! Not just your typical looking square looking palette with all the colors visible to your eyes as you open the palette. Sephora Pret-a-Porter is one unique palette that I’d say “Form Follows Function”. Clueless about what I just said?  It’s a saying/ principle usually used in the design/ industrial industry. According to wikipedia, that sentence simply means that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose. In this case, I am referring to this palette. IMO, the palette is intended for traveling purposes, convenience and space-saving It takes up very little space on your dresser. It’s like a mini cupboard with 6 drawers of a complete palette of a certain shade that includes 4 eyeshadows, 2 lip glosses and a blush. How brilliant is that!!?! Oh! And did I mention how light it is? VERY LIGHT! Of course, the black and white design/ color scheme should be able to fit perfectly into most makeup/ vanity table.

Back View – The portable palette is placed here

This palette even includes a traveling compact that allows you to place a mini palette of your choice to take with you! All you have to do is pick out the palette you used to create the look you have, and place into the compact. Once you hear a “click” sound, it means your mini palette is secure safely in the travel compact. When you’re back from your holiday/ whatever usage you had for it, you just have to push it out from behind the compact where the hole is seen and place back onto the rack of shadows.  You will also hear a “click” sound when placing back the mini palette into the rack. Therefore, your mini palettes won’t just drop off the rack in an event it is knocked over accidentally. You can even carry this around with you in your purse as it’s size is not like a typical 88 or 120 palette. Great for dinners and any formal occasions when you do need to touch up in the midst of the event. Simply looks pretty in your purse.

This is the hole you should look for when you need to take the mini palette out


Very affordable for 42 shades of a mixture of eyeshadows, lip glosses and blush. Retailing at RM154.00 (USD$48.15) which is equivalent to RM3.70 (USD$1.15) per color.  This is by far the cheapest palette I have ever purchased in my life! Other than limited editions, I am a sucker for all things “palettes”, and limited editions of course! That explains the need to go on impulse online purchases!


The quality is not too bad. As I was doing the color swatch for this review, the mini palette got dirty with all the fall out from the swatch I was doing. And me being me, not being able to see my mini palette being dirty with fallout, I tapped it gently on a piece of tissue to get rid of the access fallout for it to look clean like brand new. And guess what happened!?! One of the eyeshadow just fell out onto the tissue. I was so upset that it happened. All cosmetics I purchased are like prized possessions! It has to look close to brand new! I had to use my fingers to pick it up and place it back onto the mini palette and it just got worse. It broke into half!  Gosh, now I am left with a broken eyeshadow and I am so irritated with that. I haven’t even done a look for friggin sakes!

The eyeshadow that fell out *sob*

The not-so-pretty palette

The saved eyeshadow all shattered *sigh*

Some colors were not pigmented at all. The swatches were done with NYX Eyeshadow Base in white. On a white base, colors are usually more vibrant and true to its color. Not in this case for some of the colors in the palette. Some needed a few application to achieve a reasonably good color swatch. I had a problem with the palette that had the silver (black string mini palette) in it when I was creating a night look. I applied the silver three times and yet it looks very colorless and so I decided to add some white to keep it alive. It still looks the same.

Most of the colors were either very shimmery or glitter. Very few matte colors were seen in the palette. The shimmery and matte colors were the more pigmented colors in the palette whereas I find that the more glittery colors were very opaque. Some of the blushes included were either shimmery or matte with pink and peach shades. There are shades of neutral, purple, pinks, greens, blues and dark/silver that compliment most skin tones. I personally prefer matte and shimmery eye colors and for blushes definitely matte! I have a problem with really huge pores, and shimmery products usually magnifies the problem. Can anyone recommend what I can do with my huge pores?

Product of China.


All swatches done and photos are taken with love and much time spent despite my busy schedule. Enjoy! The color stated in the picture is as per the string color for easy reference. Below are the swatches of the whole palette individually and close up shots:

Place of Purchase

I purchased this from Sephora, Starhill Gallery. At the time of purchase, there were still quite a number palettes available. Not available for online purchase in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So, if you are really interested in purchasing this palette, best to ring the store up and inquire the availability of the palette. Just so you don’t have to purposely make a trip down to Sephora and realize that it is sold out. And yes, it is limited edition! Usually, if I can’t get my hands on anything, I’ll turn to Ebay!

Awesome and super excited about this palette. There are 6 mini palettes and therefore I intend to create a complete look with each palette. Stay tune for the 6 looks I will be posting up. But… of course, I will have to create looks for the Limited Edition Sigma Paris Palette. I’ve just put up the review here. I’ve also posted a cosmetics haul here. Do check it out! It is a very interesting palette; “value for money”! Has any beauty bloggers purchase Sephora’s Pret-a-Porter Palette yet? Do share even if you’re across the globe.. Love to exchange eye looks and reviews! Also, if you do have any products that you are unsure of and would like to know further about, please feel free to drop me an email and will try my best to review the product for you. I love doing this remember? But of course, I will need time to purchase and review as I still have a day job. Till then, toodles!

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  1. Hi & thanks for the review of Sephoras Pret-a-porter palette. I recently bought one & i love it. However i love it so much i’ve nearly finished the lipsticks. Based on your swatches do you have any idea of the lipstick names as I’d like to buy the full size products. Unfortunately I cant visit a Sephora store as we dont have them in nz but once i get the details i can order them through a mail house. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hey Samantha!It’s a limited edition palette so I don’t think it’s in the permanent lipstick line of theirs. However, if I do come across anything similar in Sephora,I’ll be more than happy to let you know. Let’s hope that Sephora will open in NZ soon!Cheers.

  2. Hey gorgeous! I love this palette! I am going to this sephora at starhill soon! Do you think its still available even tho its already march 15th 2013. i really love this palette and i want it SO badly.

    1. Hey! Yeap, it is a fun palette! I bought this a while ago so I’m not sure if they still have it. No harm calling up the outlet and check if they still keep any in the store. Otherwise, try amazon or ebay. Some people may have stocked up and sell it on ebay but with expedited shipping to Malaysia, it may cost more. I hope you do find it!


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