REVIEW: Sigma Beauty The Paris Project – Paris Palette (Limited Edition)

**Warning: Picture Heavy!

Look what I discovered! It’s the Paris Palette by Sigma Beauty! 7 youtube gurus helped put this palette together. Check out the picture above with the listed youtube gurus. Out of the 7, I frequent 4 of their blogs.

My experience with Sigma Beauty

Purchased it on the 11th May and received it on the 21st May 2012. It was sent out on the 14th May and arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the customs on the 18th May 2012. Reached my doorsteps on the 21st May 2012 when I was about to head out to Sephora, KL to get the Sephora Prep-a-Porter Palette *squeals and prance around like a little kid*. Impressed with the service!

This is my second purchase from Sigma Beauty. First purchase was from a while ago when I first purchased my set of brushes and haven’t started this blog yet and I have a very vague memory about my experience then. I made a purchase for this palette and guess what; COMPUTER GLITCH! An error came up and didn’t know if the payment went through so I did the whole order again and the same thing happened. Checked with paypal and the credit card provider, discovered I made 2 purchases of the Paris Palette instead of 1. And so, I emailed Sigma Beauty like 3 times and did not receive any reply so I decided to call up Sigma Beauty, USA and spoke to someone and immediately got a refund back for one palette. Wasn’t too happy when I didn’t get an immediately reply via email as I was worried they were gonna ship out 2 palettes to me but was really happy and relieved when the person I spoke to said she will work on the refund immediately. Checked paypal and I got my refund. Impressed again!

Product & Packaging

There was a plastic protector on top of the shadows and blushes

The booklet that came with the palette

– An introduction and quotes from the youtube gurus

The product involved 7 renowned youtube makeup gurus that developed the eyeshadow shades inspired by landmarks in the City of Lights; Paris. What an amazing experience! Wished I had the opportunity too! How awesome would it be to be flown from Kuala Lumpur to USA doing what you love to do?! The palette came in a box that was bubble wrapped properly and no breakage of any shadows/ blushes were seen. The palette contains 8 eyeshadow colors, 2 blushes and a highlighter. The eyeshadows come in a small rectangular pan size of 12 grams whereas the blushes and highlight comes in a bigger pan size containing 12 grams of product.

Love the package design! Just brings me back to Paris. I’ve been there once and such a packaging evokes memories. The palette is made out of cardboard packaging that contains a mirror. The mirror is big enough for you to do your makeup; 11.5 cm x 9 cm. It is easy to open as there are no clasp seen and may result in product fall out if placed in the purse. I prefer a sturdier packaging with a clasp just in case I go traveling.

There are two brushes included; Sigma E55 Shading Brush and Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour perfect for eyeshadow and blush application!  The handles are a little shorter than their regular line of brushes. Love how the brushes are great quality and usable. Sigma brushes does not fail you full stop. Most brushes that come with any palettes are usually not fantastic. Most of the time, I throw them away.

E55 Eye Shader Close Up

F40 Large Angle Contoured Close Up

Check out the handle with the silver holographic word “Paris” on it! Super awesome!


Happen to check out xsparkage‘s blog and got a coupon code off her blog. USD$10 off the original price. So, I paid USD$49 plus USD$17.42 to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Shipping rates around USA should be less than what I paid for depending on the mail options you choose. It is rather affordable for those who pay and earn in USD but for us Malaysians, after conversion the palette costs RM212.55 which is rather steep for us. However, since I am a sucker and a great lover of all things limited edition, I’d buy and create looks. If you divide the costs, it is only RM19.95 per shade of color for the eyeshadow and blush.


The eyeshadows are really silky and smooth. It is pigmented and easy to glide onto the skin. However, after creating and playing around with several looks, I did notice that colors such as Versailles and Notre Dame had a lot of fall out during application due to it being really shimmery & glittery. The colors were easy to blend with what I use; NYX HD eye primer as a base. The blushes are amazing! A little goes a long way. I used Rouge as a contour on the cheeks and with one swipe of the product, I had a ton on my face which I had to blend it out as much as possible for a natural contoured look. The corally peach blush is awesome! Perfect for the season, don’t ya think? Product made in China, assembled in USA.


One color I find interesting is Triomphe. It appears to be grey-ish in the pan and when swatched it turned out brown! Amazing. I had to stare hard at that color just to double-check if my eyes were playing tricks on me. The colors compliment most skin tones. Below are the colors and the youtube gurus with the color creation:

Eiffel –  MakeupbyTiffanyD

Seine – NIL

Louvre – Petrilude

Orsay – MacNC40

Elysees – DulceCandy87

Notre Dame – Xteener

Triomphe – FromHeadtoToe

Versaille – Xsparkage

I was so excited about this palette that the next day itself after receiving the parcel, I created an everyday look. Colors used on the eyes were Versaille and Elysee with Rouge as a contour and Peche as the blush (the contour and blush looks washed out, not sure if it’s visible to your eyes..)

Have you recently purchased the Sigma Paris Palette yet? Do share the review and any looks created with the palette. If you haven’t already purchased the palette, please click here. My favorite colors are Eiffel, Triomphe, Elysees and Orsay! What’s yours? Now that I have the palette, do stay tune for a series of looks that I will be creating with this palette. I am all amp-ed up to create a series of looks but …  I just gotta find time. Till then, toodles!

**I purchased this with my own hard-earned money. All reviews are of my honest opinions.

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